Vision X Dubai 2014 – taking care of your greatest possession

The optics industry in the Middle East knows no greater stage than Vision X Dubai 2014 which is fast becoming the benchmark in eye care and eye fashion wear. A Dubai airport hotel such as Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai would offer good accommodation should you be on the lookout for even a 5 star hotel Dubai boasts of having.

Scheduled to be held from the 25th – 27th of November 2014, the Dubai World Trade Centre will yet again come alive with visitors from all corners of the globe arriving to witness such an important exhibition. A total number of 85 exhibitors from 15 countries will be there to offer you valuable information on the latest technology advancements in the eye care sector. A host of seminars, workshops and conferences are lined up for the benefit of every visitor who wishes to learn of every detail in the ophthalmic and optical industry. Various eye care specialists will grace this occasion and you could be taken through the process of obtaining a brand new pair of glasses which is sure to serve you well in the future.

The Airport Show 2014 – The Future of Middle Eastern Aviation Industry

2014 looks like a very busy year for the city of Dubai with many exciting events such as the Design Days Dubai, Middle East Film and Comic Con and the Airport Show taking the centre stage during this period. All of these events are organized in order to make plans, enhance productivity, maximize utilization of resources, reduce living cost and to increase the quality of life of the citizens of Dubai and Middle East as a whole.

The Airport Show 2014 is a major airport and aviation based exhibition which sets the stage for businessmen and business related parties to engage in B2B sales pertaining to airport related products and services. The 2014 Airport Show will take place from the 11-13 May 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. With a forecast of nearly 400 million passengers passing through the GCC regions by 2020, massive development projects are to be discussed in this convention in order to ensure that seamless and safer aviation services reach its customers. With the unstoppable changes that take place in technology, the aviation industry too is in constant competition to be the best amongst the best. When one airline introduces a new Airbus with luxury comforts and ultimate safety, another airline introduces something better than the former. In a time like this, it is very much appropriate that conventions such as these are held in order to make stakeholders aware of the changes to be made and what to expect in the future.

With many Dubai airport hotel venues near the Dubai International airport vicinity, one can choose a suitable lodging place as they please. Starting from many a 5 star hotel Dubai is famous for to somewhat ordinary hotels, the choices are so vast. Since the hotels are closer to the airport, travelling is very much hassle free too. The Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai is much more than an ordinary hotel. Being awarded as the Middle East’s Leading Airport Hotel at the World Travel Awards 2013 it is truly a place where modern technology is combined with the contemporary lifestyle in grand splendour.

Middle East Exclusive 2013 – Enjoying Luxury Brands Under One Roof

Middle East Exclusive 2013 is by far one of the most unique events that will be hosted in the region this year. The exhibition calls in representatives from international and regional travel industries and they showcase most of the world’s leading and premier brands to a large number of enthusiastic international buyers and distributors. Airports, duty free operators, shops, hotels, airlines and shipping companies come in to view and purchase the amazing array of products that are available.

The Middle East has always been an excellent business platform because of the number of duty free goods and luxury items that are brought in from across the world. Dubai is a centre for shopping and distributing luxury brands and this exhibition is the ideal location for introducing new products and items. Since UAE is recognized as a hub for tourism the Middle East Exclusive is one of the best exhibitions in the region. At the last event over 200 brands were exhibited. Luxury goods are the highlight of the event: fashion accessories, cosmetics, tobacco products, watches, novelty items, leather goods, fragrances, home décor, tech gadgets and liquors are some of the products that are available.

Even though the targeted audience for the exhibition is large retail companies, even visitors to the exhibition will find some great deals at this place. The Middle East Exclusive is scheduled to commence on the 18th of November and will remain open till the 20th of November at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The exhibition is perfect for those looking to buy products in bulk. You can always arrange for shipping and the wholesale price of items are a definite bargain.

November is one of the peak seasons for tourism in Dubai so it is best to arrange your accommodation in advance. Most visitors opt for lodging at a Dubai airport hotel since it is convenient and located close to the airport. You can choose from a5 star hotel Dubai has to offer along the stretch outside the airport area. If you are aiming for luxury accommodation consider Millenium Airport Hotel Dubai which features some of the very best in contemporary comforts and conveniences that help make for a truly memorable stay.

The Dubai Pre-owned Boat Show 2013 – a prestigious maritime launch

Offering a day of excitement for the entire family is the Dubai Pre-owned Boat Show 2013, which will take place at the Dubai Creek Marina, from the 21st to the 23rd of November. Make this exciting aquatic event part of your stay at a luxury Dubai airport hotel such as the Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai. With elegant interiors and attentive service, it is an ideal 5 star hotel Dubai has to offer its international travellers. The Dubai Pre-owned boat show is an excellent networking event for prospective buyers and sellers of a wide selection of boats. Guests are able to peruse everything from jet skis to yachts. Based on the success of the event in previous years, more than 7,000 participants are expected this year, with more than 80 boats being listed for sale at this prestigious event.

Participants will get the chance to peruse over 25 retail offerings encompassing fishing and boating suppliers, insurers and financers who will handle the details of major transactions, as well as leisure providers and media publications spotlighting the event. Families are guaranteed a fun time, and can relax amidst the musical stylings of a live band and DJ, attempt to tempt lady luck in some exciting raffles, and more. A kids’ corner will ensure that the little ones are well taken care of, while the adults talk money and boats, before sailing away into the Arabian Gulf on a fine vessel that will spirit you away on a whirlwind adventure!

Dubai Festival City: Uncover Dubai’s Premier Retail and Recreational Space

As a larger than life development project that encapsulates a state-of-the-art mall and recreational facilities in the heart of Dubai Creek this visionary retail and entertainment space is the envy of the world in terms of sheer size and scope.

Ideally situated on the Dubai Creek near the historic heartland of Deira lies what is now known as Dubai’s premier leisure space for the masses. Sprawled across a whopping 5.2 million square feet this monolithic edifice devoted to the country’s favourite past times of shopping, dining and entertainment is fast gaining attraction as one of its most popular tourist hubs. Appropriately dubbed the Dubai Festival City this 3km long recreational space is in fact a city within a city with breathtaking golf course, glimmering mallscape and luxurious dining options to boot. Conveniently located near the Dubai International Airport the venue is also one of the most accessible attractions in Dubai with a visionary design that looks to the future in every sense of the word.

Offering shopaholics a wide range of global brands the Dubai Festival City encompasses more than 600 stores with an impressive 25 flagship outlets of the world’s leading brands. Highlights for fashionistas include Esprit, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Adidas, Nine West, Paris Hilton and Billabong boutiques while the Mont Blanc, Diesel Accessories, Guess Accessories and Just Accessories outlets are also popular among frequent shoppers. Ladies can indulge in their footwear fetish at Chic Shoes, Nocoli and Forever 21 where the latest trends off the runways of Europe are available under one space for convenience. Home to its very own Ferrari flagship dealer the venue also houses large IKEA, Toys ‘R’ Us, Plug Ins, Ace Hardware, Paris Gallery, Magrudy’s and Samsonite showrooms as well.

Movie fanatics can catch the latest thrillers at the locale’s Grand Cinema Complex which boast 12 screens. Bowling fans can also try their hand at the sport at Bowling City while those who wish to discover the Festival City’s most scenic corners can head down to the Canal Walk where one can dine alfresco while enjoying a waterside location. The terraced pathways of the Canal are also breathtaking as the entire space also encompasses a large number of abras. The 250m long Festival Marina, the venue’s signature yachting centre is also found here in addition to a number of elegant restaurants.

Littered with almost a hundred bistros, cost cafes and plush restaurants including the country’s signature Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai Festival City is a foodie’s dream come true. Tipped to have the largest collection of waterside restaurants in all of the Middle East the locale’s true star is the Marina Restaurant Pavilion with its idyllic eateries and riviera-like placement.

Travellers in search of a Dubai airport hotel should look no further than the Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai. Renowned as a 5 star hotel Dubai counts among its best accommodation providers this luxurious rest offer plush living quarters for holidaymakers and those on business.