Tokyo Nightlife – Partying Till the Break of Dawn

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Most parts of this city function throughout the night, and most of the eateries and entertainment options are open to the public until the subway restarts its services in the morning ensuring that the clients are not stranded. So as the colourful neon lights come on, the daytime commercial hub transforms itself to an attractive metropolis which provides all the options for a great evening out.

The entertainment districts tend to be rather crowded and generally packed with millions of locals who are in search of a good time after a day’s work. From jazz and reggae bars, to dance clubs to anything else you can imagine is available here. With various nightspots, each catering to the different price ranges and types of clientele, the city comes alive at different places offering a range of atmospheres. Some of the popular areas are Ginza, Roppongi, and Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku and it is better to scout around before settling for what is ideal for you.

Most of the easily accessible options are the watering holes. Generally of western style these are popular in Roppongi. Nomi-ya, the Japanese style beverage establishments and Yakitori-ya Bars, bars popular for local chicken grill snack are also favourite haunts of visitors as well as locals. Generally most pubs and bars feature live music with packed dance floors for those in search of a lively night out.

Plenty of karaoke bars are scattered throughout Tokyo with most of them charging a flat fee and including unlimited karaoke tracks and a set number of drinks.  In this metropolis, the experience of karaoke is enhanced by theatrics with some bars even providing special effects including lighting. 

Visitors to this city are afforded a range of lodging options to suit all budgets and requirements. Most prefer a Tokyo apartment as it affords a sense of freedom compared to other forms of accommodation. Generally all apartment types available feature modern amenities and facilities. For those seeking a serviced residence in Tokyo, a central location and easy access to Roppongi subway station and Roppongi entertainment district the best option would be the Somerset Roppongi Tokyo.

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