The unique nightlife of Maldives isles

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As the sunlight cools among the mangrove swamps and the breeze grows stronger, the Maldives isles turn into a romantic nook enveloped by the embrace of the sea that draws a long veil over the real world and cradles you in absolute privacy, broken only by the glance of the moon. It’s where you can hear your dreams, listening to the quiet murmur of the sea while savouring romance by candle light with moments that seem eternal.

While nightlife is not a strange theme to Maldives, it is clearly not the harsh, hard core and noisy life of a party animal. The island abides by its own rules, which though deficient in alcohol and loud music is nevertheless not wanting of delightful contentment, amusement or dining and dancing.  The clubs, bars and coffee shops aren’t numerous, but the few that are there enjoy some superb locations, perched on the edge of the sea or even sitting right out in the water, where the soft lapping of the waves against the floor boards is a warm accompaniment to the clink of glass and plates.  Discotheques and nightclubs are a rarity and yet most of the top hotels and restaurants offer that luxury to the younger crowd who cannot do without late night partying.

These restaurants also offer moonlight dinning, on a destination of your choice, upon the soft sand where the waves can kiss your feet or high up above the water, where the surroundings seem dim and unreal under the flicker of starlight.  Some of Maldives authentic entertainment items include crab races which provide some light amusement to uplift the evening, accompanied by some great music.  With barbeques, beach parties and some local entertainment items being performed at the beach, diversity is not wanting to the nightlife in Maldives.

Life in the Maldives can get even better when a traveller finds himself in one of those exquisite Maldives Resorts that have made real intimacy with the sea, being perched right upon the edge or over the water, with a looking glass as the floor. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is a fine blend of wide expansive spaces and the serenity of the ocean brining you close to nature at its best. A Villa in Maldives like this, lets you savour the secluded island life with all its soothing tranquillity while keeping you connected to the modern world with a few indispensible luxuries.

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