Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre

The Sri Lanka exhibition and convention center (SLCC) sits on the bank of the Beira lake in the heart of Colombo. Among the Exhibition and Convention Centers Sri Lanka the SLCC and the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall are the predominantly used ones in the capital. Many trade fairs , concerts , exhibitions and conferences take place at SLCC. Many event management companies provide tota solutions to conducting these conferences. One such company that has managed to leave a mark is Nkar MICE. They have taken pride in managing conferences and exhibitions in the past and have organized many large scale events.

The SLECC has been strategically located in close proximity to most of the leading hotels in Colombo as well as Colombo’s financial districts. Regarded as the only custom built exhibition center in the country it can accommodate large number of people under one roof. A foreign investment project by Singapore it has mainly been designed to accommodate stall space for exhibitions. There are some trade shows and fairs that take place at the venue annually.

One of the other such venues in Colombo as mentioned above would be the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. Located in Colombo seven the premises is well equipped to carry out conferences and exhibitions. There is also a convention and exhibition center in Hambantota named after the former president , Mahinda Rajapakse.

The SLCC’s location however is an advantage to it as mentioned above. The large number of hotels in the vicinity to allow visitors to find accommodation easily, especially when it hosts international trade fairs.

There are also other places of interest around the area such as the old parliament building , the Galle Face Green and the Colombo Light House. Also the Fort Railway station which is the primary station in Colombo is located just outside SLCC making getting to and out of it easy.

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