Suzhou International Silk Festival- a breathtaking experience

Suzhou, the city famed as the “silk capital” attracts thousands of people in September for an astonishing festival. That is none other than the vibrant Suzhou International Silk Festival. It is an annual fest celebrated from the 25th of September to 20th of October. During this time period Suzhou celebrates hosting temple fairs, cultural and art festivals, silk garment exhibitions, fashion performances accompanied by a distinguished symphony orchestra and many more lively activities that are linked with the art of silk.
For centuries the area has been appreciated for its high quality silk, so no visit to the town is complete without stopping at a silk shop. It still remains as the hub of the national silk industry.

This extravagant festival would definitely give you the perfect opportunity to have a glimpse of the traditional culture for all the events of this series are infused with local culture and charm. This festival plays a very functional role for attracting foreign investments and promoting sales while keeping it fun and enjoyable for the public.

The Suzhou embroidery takes a prominent place in the international silk fest as a traditional form of art. The talents of the local people combined with the rich soil, moderate temperature are the forces that have been contributing toward the thriving production of silk fabrics and threads for centuries and their output is simply breathtaking.

To witness the local talent in the silk industry and to explore the exotic cultural customs head over to the amazing Suzhou International Silk Festival. With an array of stunning attractions and entertaining activities you will not be disappointed. Also while you discover this wonderful festival and experience the beautiful country, reside at a place known for heavenly pampering.

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