Nightlife in Guangzhou – Partying the Night Away In China!

While Guangzhou is a city steeped in history, it also provides plenty of fun and entertainment, especially after darkness closes in! Nightlife in Guangzhou offers an eclectic array of options for young and old alike. Those looking to party the night away can visit one of the city’s many bars and clubs which can be found in such areas as Yanjiang Road and Huanshi Road. Offering a quieter night time experience, a Pearl River Cruise lets you enjoy a unique sightseeing experience. Visitors wanting a more traditional night out on the town can take in Cantonese opera performances at such venues as the Beilei Theatre and the Huang Hua Gang Theatre. Those visiting the city and in search of service apartments in Guangzhou can stay at Ascott Guangzhou. These well appointed serviced apartments Guangzhou are ideally situated within Tianhe’s Financial District and is also near local dining and shopping venues.

Nightlife in Guangzhou – Partying After Dusk!

Guangzhou is a much preferred destination in China for those seeking an entertaining and interesting nightlife. With trends from all over the world pouring in and with the city continuing its trend of modernization, it now features a range of pubs, restaurants, cinemas, coffee houses and various other attractions that give one a diverse array of lively venues which to visit once the sun has set.

For those preferring a relaxing evening the best option would be a boat ride on the Zhujiang Yeyou. Also known as the ‘Pearl River Night Cruise’ this is the ideal way to explore the various attractions located along the banks of the river as well as to view the beauty of Guangzhou by night. For a cultural exploration and to experience the aesthetics of the Orient, try the Cantonese Opera. Locally known as Yue Ju it is a style of opera popular in this area and it is sung in a traditional dialect. The melodies and tempos are soothing and harmonious and provide one with an interesting way of experiencing the vivid culture of Guangzhou.

Bars and pubs are a plenty in this city and one can easily find one that suits the mood as well as the pocket. From the most exotic to the very casual, all pubs and bars let one enjoy a good evening of fun. Most of the pubs boast an authentic Chinese atmosphere but there are a few of those that feature a more western setting. The city also features a couple of cinemas where one can take in the latest movies.

Being a busy town, Guangzhou offers much to see at night and the beautiful setting it affords after sunset provides the ideal time to explore and experience this fascinating nightlife. It features a range of lodging options and depending on your requirements and budgets one can find accommodation in different parts of the city. For those keen on long stays the luxury serviced apartments Guangzhou has on offer are ideal. Ascott Guangzhou is one such serviced apartment Guangzhou which offers the very best in contemporary comforts and helps one enjoy a truly memorable stay.