Discovering Traditional Folk Dancing and Music of Maldives

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when talking about the Maldives is white sand beaches and turquoise waters. These elements are mostly what attract hordes of tourists to these islands in the Indian Ocean each year. But this nation definitely offers more than just sun, sea and sand. This country also boasts of many other attractions including exotic local dishes that are largely inspired by both Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines, yet which have their own distinctive tastes and flavours.  What is more the country also has a vibrant folk dancing and singing scene, displaying its rich cultural heritage.

The country boasts of a number of forms of dance and music. Bodu Beru is a kind of folk music that is practiced in the islands of Maldives and both young and old alike take part in this. Another form is known as Bolimalaafath Neshun. It is a dance that is performed by women and depicts an ancient tradition when women offered gifts to the Sultan during special ceremonies such as the Eid Festival.

Bandiyaa Jehun is another well liked form of dance which has retained its special place despite the international dance forms that are becoming more and more popular. Around thirty men take part in Dhandi Jehun dances. These dances vary from each island and it is an attractive performance that keeps the audience enrapt. Fathigandu Jehun is performed only by men and it takes place in the evenings and is considered to be a stage musical extravaganza. Thaara is a performance that is believed to have been introduced by the Arabs who came to these islands in the 17th century or so. Another performance that has been inspired by Thaara is known as Langiri which has evolved according to the taste of the people of this land.

Visitors to any Maldives hotel can enjoy these various cultural shows, which will definitely add to their experience. Naladhu Maldives is one of the Maldives island resorts from which one can enjoy both the beaches and the culture as well as the diverse tropical lifestyle of this diverse land.

Music & Dance in Maldives – sway to the tunes of fusion

The Maldives is an island of celebration and its culture is enveloped in song, dance and music. The inhabitants of the collection of coral islands enjoy the influences of Indian music and songs. A vast percentage of the Maldivian songs are made to Hindi tunes and the dance movements follow those of South Indian traditions but the famous Maldivain drumming is quite similar to African performances and beats. The musical instrument of choice among the islanders is the Bulbul, a horizontal accordion like device. Stay at a Maldives Hotel that will let you experience the music and dance of the Islands. A great choice would be the Naladhu Maldives, one of the finest Maldives Island Resorts available.