Cinema of Sri Lanka – A Rich Cinematic Heritage

Though relatively “young”, the cinema of Sri Lanka is one that has steadily evolved over the decades and has made a unique name for itself. Of course it is also important to note that the country offers numerous backdrops that filmmakers can take advantage of, some of which can be used as settings of foreign countries. Those interested in film production Sri Lanka has to offer can make use of the services of Nkar Filmeye. One of the leading production companies in Sri Lanka, it provides such services as scouting locations that suit your shooting script.

The first Sri Lankan film was Kadawunu Poronduwa (The Broken Promise) which was produced by S.M.Nayagam in 1947. Other notable cinematic creations include Rekava (The Line of Destiny) and Gamperaliya (Changes in the Village) by legendary Sri Lankan director Lester James Peries and Ganga Addara (Beside the River) by Sumitra Peries (wife of Lester James Peries). Most Sri Lankan films are made in the Sinhalese language and reflect changes in society as well. Thus during and after the country’s civil war, many movies dealt with war related hardships and sacrifices and the need for reconciliation. Slapstick comedies and teen love stories are also popular among local audiences, while the recent trend of producing movies that depict historical and religious sorties have led to box-office successes too.


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