Chinese Acrobat Ballet – Adding a new twist to a mundane dance routine

Chinese Acrobatic Ballet is a combination of the ballet classic “Swan Lake”, which is woven around a story involving a princess and her prince, and traditional Chinese acrobatics. Comparable to ballet which is dished out the world over, Chinese Acrobatic Ballet is one of the most gracious and artistic dance forms seen today.  This acrobatic version of Tchaikovsky’s ballet-classic, Swan Lake personifies power; grace and perfection of China’s acrobatic traditions add a totally new facet to this classic ballet by portraying something very different.
The highlight of Chinese Acrobat ballet is that actors can execute more intricate performances in the air, rather than limiting the dancers to the floor. Together with a mix of traditional classic ballet and daring   acrobatic presentations, it has earned critical acclaim from audiences. Their show Acrobatic Swan Lake was a hit in China and became a spectacle around the world. (150 performances were booked in Vegas alone), ample proof of its appeal across geographical borders. The play is adored by the many for its unique sequence of ballet and melody.

The world famous Guangdong Acrobatic Troupe of China founded in 1951 is China’s leading acrobatic company. They are credited for introducing Chinese Acrobat Ballet which has been applauded by the dance affectionnadoes around the world. The company entices its audiences through an astonishing production which push their imagination to the limits. It is an electrifying presentation of traditional Chinese folk acrobatics within a lively modern perspective.

The storyline of the Chinese Acrobat Ballet, Swan Lake varies slightly from traditional version. The four swans that are depicted in the traditional version are swapped by quartet of tiny frogs, effortlessly performed by four boys.  To make it further intriguing and challenging, they play amazing dance routines on the podium arousing indescribable interest in the audience.

The crowd participation at acrobatics shows have been dwindling for years, until the advent of the acrobatic version of “Swan Lake” which has brought this type of performance back to vogue.

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