Chilling out on a beach in Bohput

Bophut is an idyllic little village that is located on Samui Island, 700 kilometres away from the bustling city of Thailand. Though upon hearing the name of this country, a thousand images spring to life Bophut is a far cry from the bright lights and the dancing girls of Bangkok. It offers a different kind of holiday experience, one that not only relaxes but one that also invigorates the body and mind. The island of Samui is actually a quite a large one and has a number of different beaches to chose from. The beaches of Lamai and Chaweng on the southern coast are more touristy and commercial while Bophut and Choeng Man on the northern coast are more laid back.

Among them the village of Bophut is one of the few places on Samui that still retains an air of authenticity. It is yet to be exploited commercially for its beautiful beaches and wonderful surf. The village is unmistakably Thai with no bright neon lights looking to enamour Western tourists.

One of the best places to head to on Bohput is Beach Road, the stretch really comes alive at night with traditional Chinese shop houses doing brisk business. Though maintaining the façade of traditional architecture, many of these establishments have modern interiors and are uber- chic bars and cafes. The strip clubs are conspicuous by their absence here. In truth Bohput offers are different class of night life one that is centred on a perfect sunset on the beach and a delicious gourmet dinner at a trendy restaurant.

The village has a got a few wonderful bars as well, among them is the Beatles Bar which is an excellent place to down a few cocktails and to listen to some soothing jazz tunes. Establishments such as the Frog and Gecko and The Pub draw in a more raucous crowd and are wonderful for a night out that involves football on a giant screen.

Despite its somewhat remote location Bophut can still be easily accessed by guests staying at a Samui Resort such as Anantara Bophut, Koh Samui. A Samui Hotel is an excellent place to stay for travelers looking to explore the unspoiled beaches on the northern coast of this island.