Bangla Road Nightlife- when the sun sets down

Phuket has no limit or time out to its entertainment. Regardless it’s the crack of dawn or the very late hours, there is always a party on the streets of Phuket and at sun down the place to be is most definitely Bangla Road. If you are the night patroller on the look for the liveliest party then you definitely have a home run with Bangla Road for parties couldn’t possibly get any loud or raunchy as it down around here. Famous for its many beer bars and night clubs, Bangla goes out to entertain you with booze, music and girls. With most of the bars being outdoors, the volume is pumped up and the music is excitingly deafening. There is also an assortment of discos, shops and restaurants on the side streets so you can never run out of things to do, places to be while in Phuket.

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