Resistanz Festival Sheffield, a unique musical experience

The groundbreaking Resistanz Festival which is held yearly focuses on the musical genre known as industrial music. The first edition of this popular musical extravaganza was conducted in 2011 and since then has moved from strength to strength. The festival is conducted in Sheffield at the well-established venue known simply as the Corporation.

The organizers of the first Resistanz Festival, which was meticulously planned, made it their objective to create a truly world class event that would match the finest modern music festivals on the globe. The first Resistanz event featured a strong line-up of talented and recognized bands as well as well-known DJs from across this distinctive genre of music. The intention was to assemble a selection of performers which would represent the numerous subgenres which have been created within the broad definition of industrial music.

The second edition of the fiesta met with even more success than the first, with the entirety of the performances sold out in advance. The focus of the event was once again the finest in internationally renowned industrial as well as electro musicians, complemented by the best of the performers in these spheres within the United Kingdom. The roster of featured acts included such luminaries as Grendel, Icon of Coil, Ultraviolence, Nachtmahr, Frozen Plasma and Be My Enemy just to name a few.

In 2013 the festival picked up where the previous edition had left off, this time presenting the most extensive roster of industrial musicians ever brought together within the United Kingdom. These sensational acts included acclaimed performers such as Celldweller, Neurotic Fish, Uberbyte, Aesthetic Perfection, C-Lekktor, Alien Vampires and more.

The focus of the Resistanz Festival is always the enjoyment of the fans, and this is reflected in the format and presentation of the event. If your musical tastes encompass such genres as industrial, synthpop, electro house, hard dance and hardstyle this event is sure to meet and surpass your expectations. It will also please most lovers of popular contemporary music.

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Halloween Festival Sheffield- When the day gets shorter and the night gets longer

With endless street entertainment, music, fun and fancy dress parades the Halloween festival in Sheffield is happening back again. It is the time when days get shorter and nights get longer. According to locals this extravaganza, is Britain’s top Halloween carnival, drawing over thousands of locals as well as tourists to Sheffield city center.
If you are heading over to England this season the Halloween festival in Sheffield is worth experiencing. This colourful celebration is always staged on a Sunday before Halloween. And this year it will be held on the 27th of October.

Last year Halloween festival that took place in Sheffield was a big success. It included many fun and exciting attractions like fancy dress catwalk, urban dances, uncle fester on his moving piano, funfair rides and stalls, a zombie garden, food stalls and of course children’s activities. The list of attractions for this year’s Halloween festival will be available in September 2013. The roads around the Sheffield city center will be closed to make it more convenient to all. That includes the Millennium Square & Winter Gardens, Orchard Square, Leopold Street, Surrey Street, Peace Gardens, Barkers Pool and Tudor Square.
To dance till you drop in a fancy dress and enjoy traditional Halloween games this fun filled extravaganza is the ideal place for anyone. The doors will be open to the public from 3.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. the great thing about this festival is its free. The Sheffield parking lot and the surrounding area will be arranged for your convenience.
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The Coronation Festival – The Investiture Jubilee

Six decades ago, a young, enthusiastic and vibrant member of the royal house ascended the throne and continued as the monarch, watching her children and grandchildren grow up and prepare themselves to become rulers of the most celebrated imperial family. This year, the Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth, who celebrates sixty years of being at the helm, will open its doors to the public and convert its grounds to a dais upon which the United Kingdom portrays its originality and uniqueness to the world.

The Coronation Festival 2013 is scheduled to take place from the 11th to the 14th of Julyand will be the epitome of British flair, local artistry, handicrafts and quintessential cuisine. This festival will showcase the advancements in British technology over the last sixty years, the excellent interior and home designing styles of the British, live demonstrations of the British culinary arts, music and dance. Those present will also be able to learn about QEST, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, which propagates local crafts with both modern panache and ancient intricacy.

Visitors can purchase day tickets and stroll through the sprawling grounds, observing the exhibits, basking in the beauty of the lush greenery and intimating themselves with the lesser known facts of England and the royal family. However, those who wish to watch some classical music, theatrics and dance performances should choose to procure tickets for, what is known as the ‘Evening Gala’, which is on from 6.00 pm. Local artists Laura Wright, Katherine Jenkins, the national youth orchestra and even international soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa will perform at the Buckingham Palace Gardens promising an unforgettable evening of entertainment for young and old alike.

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City Of London Festival 2013 – A Celebration of London Culture

The City of London Festival, one of the UK’s premier art events, was first held in 1962 to rejuvenate the English capital’s cultural life. The grand festival is held every summer at high profile destinations throughout the city and lasts about twenty one days. Featuring an eclectic line up, many of the festival events are free to the public. The sheer diversity of events ensures that one will definitely find something interesting. The festival is a celebration of the city and is one of the biggest events on the calendar so tourists in London this summer should definitely try to stop by.

The 2013 edition of the City of London Festival will take place between the 23rd of June and the 26th of July. The three themes for this year’s festival are trees, with sustainability being highlighted at major events; city walls, a look at famous walled cities; and conflict resolution. The programming for the festival is highly eclectic. It will feature concert performances by renowned artists as well as the London Symphony Orchestra; lectures and debates that revolve around the main themes; and a mobile orchard- a moving orchard featuring real and artificial trees that will go around the city.

Just like the past few years, the festival in 2013 will feature over a hundred free events. The top free events include the Blue Trees, an art installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos; Peacock Angell, a musical performance inspired by everyday life; an organ recital by James Vivian; and Urban Picnic, which will take place at Finsbury Avenue Square. The list of venues this year will include London landmarks like the Bank of England Museum, the Festival Garden, Guildhall Art Gallery, Canada Square Park and Devonshire Square.

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