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A Thai Arts and Cultural performance known the world over as one of the largest stage productions, the Siam Niramit Cultural show is a spectacular show now listed in the Guinness World records. The show features over 150 performers and around 500 costumes are used for the entire performance. Special effects have been added as a result of advanced technology as of recent years, keeping up with the moving world.

The show has three separate acts. The first act is on Thailand that then was and is named ‘Journey Back in to History’. The second act takes you beyond your imagination and is based on Hell, Himapaan and Heaven. The third act takes you on a journey through joyous festivals celebrated in this colourful country. Siam Niramit cultural show is a great way to discover the roots of the Kingdom of Thailand and its people.

There are tours to the concert that offer round trips to the event, departing Bangkok at particular times of the day. The fee offered is inclusive of the entrance ticket and dinner. A gala show that showcases the beautiful culture of this intriguing country, the Siam Niramit show is one not to be missed while in Bangkok and Phuket. Most visitors prefer to couple this tour with visits to the ancient replica villages that showcase traditional crafts and authentic Thai living.

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Bangkok never seizes to amaze, with the wealth of experiences it has in store for its guests. From fantastic shopping precincts and gorgeous palaces to relaxing Thai massages, this city is an oasis for holiday makers and travelers. Whether you are traveling to Bangkok on business or leisure, the city amazes anyone.

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