Ramadan in Dubai, a Venerated Occasion

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The month of Ramadan is significant for Muslims around the world, and it is celebrated with fervour in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, perhaps the most open and cosmopolitan of the Emirates, Ramadan is one of the most important times of the year, and a special occasion for the Muslim faithful. Well-informed travellers intending to visit the Emirate during this time and who desire a comfortable Palm Jumeirah hotel will find an appealing choice in Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa. This attractive resort offers excellent accommodations and attentive hospitality.

According to Islamic tradition Ramadan is considered to be one component of the five central pillars of the religion. At this time of the year Muslims are encouraged to focus on their spiritual life and display great generosity towards the less fortunate. During this special month of the year, healthy Muslims are required to fast from sunrise to sunset, and to also refrain from drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in sexual activity during this period. However pregnant women, young children, the sick and the elderly are exempted from these requirements.

In Dubai many festive events are organized during this month, and the commercial sector experiences an upturn in business. Emirati traditions and hospitality are very much in evidence at this time of the year. Particularly the evening meal of ifthar, when the faithful break their fast, is considered to be a social occasion; throughout the city ifthars are organized where people of diverse nationalities join together in the spirit of the festival.

A number of educational and cultural events are also organized at the time of Ramadan. These are intended to educate the public regarding the significance and importance of this special time of the year. People are instructed on how to behave and conduct themselves during Ramadan. Contests are held where competitors engage in the recital of the Holy Koran, in which the most skilled in recital receive cash awards.

In the city the night market stays open until the early hours of the morning, offering a multitude of dining and shopping options. Not to be missed is the Majlis where visitors can enjoy an array of excellent Arabian foods every night of this month.

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