Key Events and Festivals in Maldives Celebrated Each Year – A Time for Reflection & Celebration!

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The Maldives offers much more than sublime island getaways and its rich heritage is intertwined with festivals and events held throughout the year. If you are planning a trip here, consider aligning your visit with one of these festivals to experience the true essence of Maldivian life.


Ramadan – Image via Flickr


Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a holy month observed by Maldivians (and Muslims across the world) with reverence. During this time, Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk. However, the spirit of Ramadan transcends fasting. It’s a period of spiritual reflection, prayer, charity, and community. As dusk approaches, the day culminates in Iftar, a joyous feast shared with family and friends.

Eid al-Fitr (Kuda Eid)

Marking the end of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, also known locally as ‘Kuda Eid’, is a joyous celebration.  Excitement fills the air as families and friends gather for special prayers at mosques. It is customary for people to also make charitable donations, visit loved ones and exchange gifts. Grand feasts with traditional dishes and sweet treats are enjoyed as well. This is a great time for holidays at private island resorts like OBLU NATURE Helengeli by SENTIDO where one can experience stays at luxury villas in Maldives and the festive atmosphere.

Independence Day

Independence Day – Image via Pexels

On the 26th of July, Maldivians commemorate their independence from British rule in 1965. Patriotism takes centre stage with flag-raising ceremonies and national parades featuring the National Security Services, especially in the capital, Male. Traditional music and cultural performances on this day also showcase the rich heritage of the islands and the deep-rooted sense of national pride.

Republic Day

Every 11th of November, the Maldives celebrates Republic Day, commemorating the establishment of the republic in 1968. This day marks a significant shift from a sultanate to a republic. Official ceremonies are held, often accompanied by flag-hoisting ceremonies, speeches, parades, and cultural performances. Republic Day serves as a reminder of the nation’s democratic journey and its aspirations for the future.

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