Easter in Bangkok – The Chocoholics Paradise

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Although predominantly a Western tradition, Easter is celebrated in a big way in Bangkok as well. It is not so much the religious concept than the multitude of Easter traditions that are incorporated into this nation. And who doesn’t like the fanciful eggs and bunnies all part of the festive season? This portrayed in chocolates gives one the ultimate essence of festivities.

So what is behind the eggs and the rabbits? Unlike what many tend to believe Easter is not originally a Christian concept. It goes far back to the Pagan time when the universe resonated with a series of mysterious forces. Winter was dark and sterile but when spring began to dawn, the earth blossomed back to life and fertility prospered once again. The Goddess responsible for Spring, Dawn and Fertility is named Eostre and that explains the origin of the name and the best animal to portray fertility is of course the rabbit and that explains the symbol. The Eggs, however in addition to symbolizing fertility stretches a bit deeper as food for the Gods and goes back to ancient Greece when duck and goose eggs were colored red and offered to the Gods and Goddesses. The red was to symbolize the blood of life.

Today the rather interesting past of Easter is overthrown by the color, the fun and of the chocolates. In Bangkok the chocolates during Easter are simply to die for. Shaped as bunnies, eggs and other Easter symbols the flavor and richness of these Chocó – delicacies almost feel as if it contains the essence of heaven itself. So enjoy the stories, the treats and the fun of Easter in Bangkok a city in the east that brings to life Western traditions in richness like no other.

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