Vegetarian Food Festival – Meat-eaters, get to the back of the line!

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Bangkok is a thriving part of the Southeast Asian landscape with an exciting array of sights, smells and tastes to titillate any experiential palate. One of the most famous cultural offerings of the city are its food options, from street vendours serving up succulent and sizzling satay pieces on a stick to the warm and spicy soups such as Tom Yam and Tom Kah Khai, which are a welcome treat during the city’s chilly monsoon periods. The best way to sample these delectable offerings are from a central apartment Bangkok has to offer its discerning visitors. If you’re looking for serviced accommodation in Bangkok with broadband internet and other modern amenities, look no further than the Somerset Lake Point Bangkok which offers all its guests ultra-fast browsing speeds perfect for business and leisure visitors alike. Use those stellar internet facilities to locate the best dining and entertainment options around town for the ultimate experience in local cuisine. However, vegetarians can rejoice in the month of November, which is when most of the food vendors go strictly vegan and vegetarian in honour of a national vegetarian food festival enjoyed by meat and non-meat eaters alike. Look out for the bright yellow flags, which signals a non-meat eating zone, where you’ll find a delicious range of cuisine using every possible locally-sourced vegetable possible, complemented by a range of mock meat curries, rice, noodles and soups to ensure that traditional meat dishes are not left wanting. You’ll be greeted by mounds of crispy golden spring rolls, steaming bowls of fried rice, hearty dishes of thick soup, aromatic places of curry – all strictly without a trace of meat. Although the food is a major aspect of the festival, many of the locals also view it as a time of spiritual cleansing, where they’ll abstain from sex, alcohol, cigarettes, fighting, killing, stealing and lying. Some even don’t consume garlic or onions as these are believed to be “killed” when ripped from the soil. The vegetarian festival is also a great time to stock up on those vegetarian food stuffs that are not available year round, such as mushroom and veggie instant noodles.

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