Fascinating Vietnamese Festivals – A Celebration of Tradition and Culture

Home to a remarkable diversity of ethnic groups, Vietnam celebrates a range of traditional and culture-based festivals annually. Influenced by the Chinese Lunar calendar, most of these events are held during a certain time of the year.

Tet Nguyen Dan

Internationally acclaimed as the Vietnam Lunar New Year, Tet Nguyen Dan is a must for those who are on the lookout for things to do in Mui Ne, a beach resort settlement nestling along the sea in Southeastern Vietnam. Held to honour the gods for bringing spring and in appreciation of one’s forefathers, the Tet Nguyen Dan festival is held between late January and mid-February every year.

Tet Trung Thu 

Vietnam’s colourful mid-autumn festival, nicknamed the “Moon Festival”, falls on a day within a month after September 8. The celebrations are traced back to China’s Zhou Dynasty.  Brightly lit lanterns and traditional moon cakes are a part of the festival. Anantara Mui Ne Resort is a great place to enjoy Tet Trung Thu as it is close to the bustling city of Mui Ne. Mooncake stalls mushrooming on every corner and vibrant decorations and masks lighting up the streets are signs that the city is gearing up for celebrations. Lion dancers engaged in practices too can be spotted by passersby.

Vietnamese Independence Day

Vietnam celebrates this jubilant day on September 2 every year. Festivities begin with the president of Vietnam reading the Declaration of Independence. Patriotic speeches, fireworks, parades and other festivities are in store for all those who visit Ba Dinh Square. The whole country is adorned with flags of Vietnam. Homage is paid to the national hero, Ho Chi Minh.

Hung King Temple Festival

The ideal place to celebrate this festival would be the Hung Temple in Phong Chau district in the Phu Tho province. Celebrated on the eighth or eleventh day of the lunar month, it commemorates the death anniversary of the 18 Hung Kings. Traditional Vietnamese dance, music, and folk songs depicting stories related to the country’s history are brought forth during the event.