Celebrate Avurudu in Sri Lanka – A new you this new year!

During the month of April, Sri Lanka celebrates a festival known as the ‘Sinhalese and Tamil New Year’, which is a major anniversary celebrated by most Sri Lankans. It is a time in which not only Sinhalese, but all Sri Lankans come together as one to celebrate.


Astrology plays a rather important role in Avurudu, as the dawn of the new year doesn’t take place at a specific time every year. The auspicious or ‘nakath’ time is specified according to astrological calculations. The duration of time between the old year and new year can take as long as 12 hours and 48 minutes, this is because of the sun crossing he astrological border of the House of Pisces to House of Aries. Every part of this festival is carried out according to the astrologically determined times.

Avurudu rituals

The rituals start with the cleaning of the house and the lighting of an oil lamp. Presenting elders with betel leaves and paying homage is also a custom that is practiced during all important occasions in Sri Lanka. The new year is a time when everyone returns to their homes and celebrate together with family.

Celebrations and games

During the time of Avurudu, several hotels and resorts also join in on the celebrations. However, if you’re looking for a bit of a different way to celebrate Avurudu, you can visit a holistic medical centre, the likes of Kaya Sri Lanka before engaging in the festivities. Firecrackers, games and delicious food are all a big part of Avurudu.

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