Kunming preparing for Chinese New Year – Enjoy the Festivities

With Chinese New Year falling on the 7th of February this year, millions of employees, business people, students and soldiers from every corner of the country will visit their family and friends during this month to celebrate the upcoming spring and end of winter season.

Chinese New Year | Image Credit - Flickr user: ahisgett, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons

Chinese New Year | Image Credit – Flickr user: ahisgett, CC BY 2.0 Via Wikipedia Commons

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year also called the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival is undoubtedly one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the world. In many cities around the world, you will find enthusiastic Chinese New Year celebrations featuring fireworks, parades and numerous cultural performances.

Kunming Preparations

As you might expect the celebrations for the Chinese New Year in Kunming is one of the grandest of them all. Visitors may take the opportunity to experience the celebration that includes cultural performances like those of acrobats, opera singers, calligraphers, stilt walkers, puppet shows and drummers.


As a rule of thumb, ensure to reserve your stay prior to your arrival in order to avoid last minute struggles. If you are planning to host a party or a meeting during this time of the year, ensure to check out hotels which offer event and meeting venues in Kunming the likes of Grand Park Kunming.

Travel & Transport

According to the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China, more than 22 million visitors are due to fly the skies of China during Spring Festival. Furthermore, they have stated that the country might put in domestic flight routes to control the spike in air travel.

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