Bangkok National Museum

Located in the former palace of the vice king, which is on the opposite side of Sanam Luang to The Grand Palace, Bangkok National Museum displays an extensive collection of Thai artifacts, regional Asian Buddhist arts and much more. Those in search of such a luxury hotel in Bangkok near the museum can stay at Metropolitan by COMO, Bangkok This Bangkok luxury hotel is ideal for traveling around the city and for visiting the popular attractions that are located in close proximity.

Established in 1874 by King Rama V, The Bangkok National Museum was initially opened to exhibit relics from the rule of King Rama IV. Today it features exhibits of Thai art and history dating back to Neolithic times found throughout the country that includes exhibits like The King Ram Khamhaeng Inscription.

The Museum also features a vast collection of miscellaneous exhibits such as Chinese and Thai ceramics, weapons, theatrical costumes, palanquins, and assorted items used in royal households. These include painted pots, Neolithic tools, and bronze objects that were found in the northeast areas of the country.

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