Tips for a Successful International Conference – Planning Your Event Just Right

While planning an international conference is no easy task, there are certain aspects one can be mindful of and which will help ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Do remember to keep these points in mind!


When it comes to an international conference, it’s key to pick the right destination. This could be in your home country, or for easier access for international delegates, you may have to choose another country that can be conveniently accessed by road, rail or air.


Once the destination is selected you need to find the right venue for your event. It should be able to host the expected number of guests and ideally have easy access to onsite or nearby accommodation. If you are looking for such a convention centre Bali has to offer, venues such as Bali International Convention Centre are amongst the available options.


Setting a proper agenda is key not only for the flow of the conference but also to ensure its effectiveness. Make sure to group topics being spoken on in a way that naturally or logically connect with each other. Having breaks and sessions for discussion and networking are also important parts of an agenda that should be considered.


Do remember no matter how well you plan and carry out the conference, a hungry guest is an unhappy guest! Ensure that the event is well catered for not only in terms of main meals but in between snacks and drinks too.

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Tips for a Successful International Conference – Covering all the Angles

Organising a conference is a tremendous task that requires a great deal of foresight and planning, especially if it’s going to take place in a foreign nation.

Choose an Ideal Location/Venue

One of the most fundamental criteria to consider is capacity. A venue must have enough space to support guests, exhibitors and workshops. If you’re having multiple workshops or speakers happening simultaneously, it will require some sound-proofing and acoustical-knowledge by the venue provider.


The language barrier is an absolutely essential factor to consider if there’s any sort of international basis for the conference. It is also worth having a contingency for guests who might be impaired visually or on an auditory level.


This is particularly important for conferences abroad. If you want opt for an exotic location and choose a convention centre in Bali then transportation will definitely be an issue. Although air-fare is commonly provided to special guests, transportation within the country might not always be provided.


It’s always good to choose a venue belonging to a hotel or one that has a selection of accommodation options nearby. Some places such as Bali International Convention Centre have their own on-site accommodation. If you’re choosing a hotel as a venue for the conference, you can pretty much always get special rates for the rooms.

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