Samui Triathlon – Where Valor and Stamina Compete In the April Sun

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Droplets of golden sweat will glisten on brow and back while silver-blue splashes of cool water will dance to the rhythm of the moving hand at the Samui Triathlon that will take place in the bright heat of April in Samui, Thailand.
The cheering spectators will witness the athletic forms of the competitors who will be participating in the Triathlon, striving hard to win the gold in cycling courses, swimming courses, and running courses. The Bicycle zone undoubtedly will be the centre of attraction, as wheels speed like the wind in Nathon. Much color will be added by the merchandizing zone and Animation zone which will be added on close to the Bicycle zone.
The participants of the bicycle course will pedal a total distance of 122km 650m, which is basically one and half laps around the island, while the Running course will cut across Nathon and the southern part of the island on a 30 km single lap. Both courses will be demarcated by vertical and horizontal arrows, while policemen and volunteers will facilitate the smooth flow of the races and remove any obstacles or hindrances that the participants many face during the course of the race. The roads will be closed during the races, which will further enhance the quality of the event by providing the necessary environment needed to the athletes to finish their course with minimum disturbances.
The swimmers on the other hand will find the required assistance in the form of buoys and water lines complemented with boats for assistance and race control as well as medical assistance and essential supplies. The course will include 2 laps of 2 km with Bophut will mark the end of the first lap.
If you wish to witness the glory of the Samui Triathlon in April, accommodation at a hotel in Samui is best advised reserved in advance as the competitors, journalists, and organizing team of the event will flood in during the period to Koh Samui Resort options will vary depending on the budgets of the individuals. Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui can be recommended to those who wish to witness the races while indulging in the luxuries unique to the great country on Thailand.

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