Independence Day Celebrations in Maldives – A Momentous Occasion

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The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the world’s reputed holiday destinations. Although the Maldives is small in land area, the island nation’s attractive sandy beaches, balmy climate and shimmering sapphire waters make it a pleasure to visit. Travellers intending to visit the islands and seeking a comfortable Maldives resort need look no further than the attractive Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. This well reputed resort offers appealing accommodations as well as an array of amenities making it a delightful place to stay.

One of the most important celebrations in the Maldives is the fervently observed Independence Day. On this occasion the entire nation unanimously celebrates the achievement of complete independence from the colonial power, Britain. On this day, which falls on the 26th of July, Maldivians commemorate the birth of their nation with great pride and heartfelt joy.

Many special occasions are organized to mark this momentous occasion, which is marked as a national holiday. The festivities which are focused on Republic Square in the capital Male are held on a grand scale, as it is an occasion of great national pride. On this day numerous performances and processions are conducted, whilst the entire nation watches and applauds. These performances combine both traditional elements and modern themes, which is entirely appropriate as the nation remembers the past and looks to the future with hope and pride.

This special occasion is attended by the nation’s president as well as many visiting dignitaries from abroad, as it is the country’s proudest moment. On the other hand for ordinary citizens it is also an entertaining and enjoyable day out, as they share national pride with their fellow citizens.

The celebrations commence with a marching procession made up of members of the Cadet Corps and the armed forces. This is followed by modern drill displays and traditional dances performed by children and youths. These dancers and young children are attired in colourful costumes adding to the glamour of the occasion. However there are also celebrations at the community level where ordinary people express their patriotism and national identity. Travellers who visit the country at this time of the year will be able to observe these colourful celebrations.

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