Guide to Travelling During Chinese New Year – Experience the Best with None of the Pitfalls

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Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations of the nation, and many wonder if travelling to China during this time is a good idea. It definitely can be if you’re aware of a few things.

Chinese New Year | Image Credit - Crisco 1492, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Chinese New Year | Image Credit – Crisco 1492, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Closed Institutions in New Year

Many travellers tend to think that everything closes during Chinese New Year, but that is far from the case. During this time, educational institutions, business offices and factories close, but not places such as restaurants, airports and tourist destinations.

Travelling During New Year

Since this is one of the most significant festive seasons in China, you will have to deal with higher rates along with much higher crowds as well if you’re travelling to or around the country. Since there will be lots of people coming to China, and moving around within the nation, it’s best to make travel arrangements in advance.

Accommodation and Dining

Many of the top hotels in China’s big cities, including Xi An China hotels, tend to be fully booked. So if you’re planning on staying at a place such as Grand Park Xian, you should book your rooms well in advance. It’s also best to do the same with dining reservations.


The explosive kaleidoscopic experience of fireworks during Chinese New Year is a sight to behold and takes place precisely at midnight. Look to witness this spectacle from a high altitude for the best experience.

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