Giant omelette festival – A Festival of giving and sharing

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A totally different festival which is celebrated in France is the Giant omelette festival. This is undoubtedly one of the unusual and best food festivals in the world. The festival features a giant omelette being made on an enormous scale by trained chefs. Recommended by the Dine and Wine blog site, this festival offers some of the best local places to eat in France.

The origin of the Festival

It is said that one day the great Napoleon Bonaparte stayed at Bessières and during his stay he was so delighted by the taste of the omelette prepared by the innkeeper; that he ordered to prepare the same food for his regiment gathering all the available eggs in the village. Since then, the event is celebrated during every Easter by the villagers and to feed the poor.

The giant omelette

To cook an omelette on an enormous scale, the quantities of ingredients required are staggering.15000 eggs, 25 litres of oil, six kilos of seasoning, dozens of bunches of chives are some of the main ingredients that are used to cook the giant dish. The ingredients are mixed and poured into a giant fry pan and it is cooked by stirring the mixture by cooks armed with a large wooden spatula.

Serving the Omelette

The best part of this festival is the cooked omelette is served with bread to everyone who visits the festival. It will be a heart-warming moment and a notion of giving. You can enjoy and meet different people during the festival and you can also delight yourself with deliciously cooked food.

Visiting here

In order to experience this wonderful festival, you have to be here exactly on an Easter Monday. The festival takes place in a village in the Toulouse region called Bessières. The moment you arrive here you are greeted by lots of people and of course, chefs dressed in white caps and yellow ties and this is the way you can make sure that you have landed in the right place.


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