Dubai Dressage Championships – where the elite prance in all their glory

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The Dubai Dressage Championships is all set to take Dubai by storm this year with a whole new variety of performances that is sure to leave guests on the edge of their seats. A Deira hotel Dubai such as Copthorne Hotel Dubai can be looked at should you want to come over to the area to catch a glimpse of the finest thoroughbreds and the most skilled jockeys. This Dubai hotel must definitely be given some thought when one is in the process of planning one’s holiday in this part of the world.

Considered to be the sport of kings, the event is scheduled to be held from the 14th – 15th of April 2014 at the Emirates Equestrian Centre. This spectacle will showcase a range of daring moves that both the jockey and horse must accomplish in an effort to secure the grand prize. Popularly referred to as ‘Horse Ballet’, Dressage brings together much needed disciple and grace of the highest calibre in this exciting sport which continues to make headlines in Dubai. Entrance is generally free to members of the general public and one must not miss out on feasting one’s eyes on a sporting spectacle that commends the respect and adoration of the elite in Dubai.


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