Annual Festival of Traditional Kites in Bali – Witness the magic of Bali’s windy season

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The annual Kites Festival in Bali takes place between July and August starting from the windy season which is ideal for kiting. The festival comprises of a series of kiting events held in different locations favourable for kiting. Kite festivals are one of Bali’s top listed annual events with excellent cultural shows and social gatherings taking place simultaneously during the festive period. The top kite festival events are held mostly along the eastern coast of Padanggalak, north of Sanur. The preliminary rounds begin towards the end of June and confirmed based on weather patterns. Therefore, the event dates are mostly announced on the last minute. Hundreds of professional and amateur kiting teams and individuals as well as tons of fans flock to these venues from all over Bali to proudly fly their modern and traditional kites both large and small. The variety of colours, shapes and designs that can be witnessed during the kite festival time is spellbinding. Visitors travelling here during the festival time can look to stay at a villa Bali Seminyak has to offer such as those available at Samaja Villas Kunti.

It all began as a seasonal agrarian festival to thank the heavens for the blessing of abundant crops and harvests. However, before long it was transformed into a communal youth groups’ competitive kite flying event where the teams participate and compete for prize money from sponsors. Some of the categories of competitions held include ‘new creation’ kites including detailed 3D figures and designs, Hindu gods’ portraits, cars and motorbikes and mascots. Each group is accompanied by a gamelan orchestra that brings out the joyous spirit and mood of celebration and cheer. The drama associated with the take-off and landing sequences of kites is extremely fantastic to watch. Witness the colourful skies dominated by flying giants during the epic Bali Kites Festival and be part of the Bali windy season magic.


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