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The soothing sound of the waves rushing to shore, the soft sand underfoot and the lively beat of drums; all this and more await those who choose traditional wedding themes in Sir Lanka. Such functions require precise planning by a local team and those in search of event planners in Sri Lanka can consider Nkar MICE. Providing some of the best event management Sri Lanka has to offer, this experienced name in the event planning industry offers a wide range of services and will help ensure a truly successful function.

Those planning to incorporate local traditions and customs into their wedding ceremony have much to look forward to. Traditional wedding themes in Sir Lanka typically include incorporating what is known as the “poruwa” ceremony, where the couple alight onto an ornately decorated platform made from wood. The ceremony involves various customs such as the offering of betel leaf bundles and the chanting of blessings. It is customary for the bride to be attired in a typical saree, while the groom wears a national dress. Other customs such as the breaking of a coconut when the couple steps down from the poruwa, the lighting of a brass oil lamp and the accompaniment of traditional drumming all add to the charm of the ceremony. Of course for a truly inspired traditional wedding, one can have it on the beach as the sun sets in the backdrop.

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