Thailand as a Business Destination – Corporate Getaways in Asia

Is Thailand all about the sexy beaches, intriguing restaurants and bars and day tripping all around the country? Amidst all these temptations for the ideal vacation, one might wonder if Thailand is still a business destination where you could have a company retreat or a mere business meeting with high-end clients who needs to be impressed.

Despite the intriguing vacation landscape of Thailand, the economy of the country has been through a tremendous amount of change and today, country bears favourable opportunities for foreign investments. As one of the largest growing markets in the world, and as a member of the ASEAN region and its unforgettable vibrant consumer base, the country attracts a large number of international investors.

Nothing says a “stress free business meeting” like a meeting in Pattaya. If you do not wish to be amidst all the hustle and bustle, you can always go for options such as AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa where you can still have a conventional business meeting with great views of the bay.

If you organize your business meeting in the off-peak period you can benefit not only from cheaper flights but also from reduced hotel rates. A business meeting over a pint or a game of tennis does sound more appealing than in an air-conditioned hall! With prices slashed during the off-peak season, you are able to enjoy that business meeting or retreat that is also the ultimate relaxed getaway.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.