Celebrate this Ramadhan in Style with a Trip to Kuala Lumpur -Partake in Breaking Fast Traditions with Sumptuous Buffets

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The religious observances associated with Ramadan are followed by all Muslims worldwide as a testament to their faith. Held during the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, this religious practice involves a month of fasting. The purpose behind this observance is to celebrate when the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad. Those who have heard of this religious observance would very well know of its religious significance. The period of Ramadan is usually around twenty-nine to thirty days, but this may vary based on when the crescent moon is sighted by religious officials. Those who wish to celebrate the festival of Ramadan can also do so by making a trip somewhere abroad. If you wish for a convenient and close by destination, you can always opt to visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where you will be able to find stunning offers during Ramadan.

Resorts and hotels nowadays wish to provide tourists with an experience as opposed to merely a pleasant stay. Therefore, the concept of experiential hotels has really taken off in Malaysia. In line with this concept, certain chain hotels such as Berjaya Hotels and Resorts offer special experiences for Ramadan, in the form of a promising and delicious buffet which hopes to evoke the feel and ambience of a bazaar. At this bazaar, guests will be able to experience Malaysian cuisine in all its glory, but in a far more comfortable setting as opposed to a bazaar out in the streets. One of the highlights of the bazaar is expected to be a Kedah Claypot Fish Head Curry prepared using a recipe passed down for generations. At this Ramadan feast, one can expect several delicious Malay dishes as well as Ayam Goreng Uncle Bakri, Pucuk Manis Ubi Keledek, Lamb Biriyani and Cencaru Bakar.

A visit to Malaysia during this period will also give tourists a wonderful opportunity to witness how the locals observe the religious practices and gain an insight into their culture.


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