Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre – Abu Dhabi’s Largest Exhibition Centre

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Abu Dhabi is the second largest city belonging to the United Arab Emirates and is found on an island shaped like a “T” sticking out from the Persian Gulf. The country has a population of 896,800 and is steadily growing due to the rapid urbanisation and rising levels of affluence of its people.

Abu Dhabi has grown strong economically due to it being one of the largest producers of oil on the globe. Its strong economy also provides a strong arena for multinational companies to station their headquarters in, leading to a large collection of renowned institutions conducting business in what is known as “the richest city in the world”.

Due to the fertile nature of Abu Dhabi’s economic structure there has been an explosion in the number of promotions and exhibitions in celebration of the launch of new companies, company branches and products. Due to the need for a large complex, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan; President of the United Arab Emirates officially opened the Abu Dhabi Convention Centre, or ADNEC on February 18, 2007, so as to provide the necessary ground for some truly amazing exhibitions.
The Abu Dhabi Convention Centre is a great expanse with up to 73,000sqm of floor space providing the perfect venue to host any business endeavours on a truly grand scale. The centre hosts around 100 events a year with around 2 million visitors annually. The centre has also won prestigious awards including the World Travel Award for “Leading Middle Eastern Exhibition Centre” and The Middle East Event Award for “Best Meetings Venue”.

With its multitude of modern amenities, close proximity to the city, ease of access via an efficient road network, and plentiful floor space, the ADNEC is the number one location for any persons wishing to host a grand function. As such, when choosing the ADNEC as a location to feature an event, one must also search for accommodation of equally high repute and standard. There are many Abu Dhabi hotels to choose from which offer high quality accommodations and facilities. Abu Dhabi luxury hotels provide the very best in contemporary comforts and conveniences and ensure a truly memorable stay. One such property is Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. This beautiful desert resort offers the finest hotel services amidst one of the most beautiful and least disturbed deserts in the world.

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