Entertaining Koh Samui Monkey Shows

The appealing monkey shows are a popular attraction for visitors to the island of Koh Samui. Before the advent of tourism coconut cultivation was the principal industry for the islanders. Monkeys were employed as the means of plucking the ripe nuts from the tall trees and were highly prized. Today the Monkey Shows demonstrate the dexterity and skills which have made these lovable creatures an asset to the islanders. Visitors will also see elephant performances at the show.

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Singapore Zoo – The Wonderful Display of Wildlife

Housing over 2,500 animals of 315 species, the Singapore Zoo is located in an environment representing a rainforest. Inspiring visitors by letting them experience the wonders of nature; the zoo has gained a favourable reputation locally and internationally. Its efforts to provide the best healthcare for the animals and initiatives taken for conservation and breeding programmes are highly admired. It is an award winning zoo granting an experimental learning experience. The governing authority has designated the zoo as a rescued wildlife centre.

Plenty of shows take place at the zoo to entertain and educate the visitors whilst maintaining the animals’ natural behaviours and instincts through activities which they hope will deepen their understanding towards the creatures. Three special animal presentations namely Splash Safari, Rainforest Fights Back and Elephants at Work and Play take place at least twice per day daily. It displays the inimitable bond between the animals and their trainers.

At ‘Australian Outback’, you get to meet the marsupial that glides; a special lizard and a bird that tends to swallow metallic objects to help its food get grinded. But undoubtedly the most special creature here is the Kangaroo. Agile wallabies and grey kangaroos skip about freely letting guests have an up close encounter, particularly during feeding-sessions.

At Cat Country, guests are seen having face-to-face encounters with big cats such as leopard and jaguar. A rare unforgettable experience, one can surely enjoy the time spent at the glass-fronted enclosures containing the fierce cats.

Elephants of Asia is arguably a must visit at the zoo, where there is a showcase of the great mammal living in a vicinity. The attraction contains a bathing pool, a mud wallow, rustic thatched huts and a viewing loft with Myanmar-influenced architecture.

A number of other interesting places in the zoo include the fragile forest, Reptile garden, Primate Kingdom, Critters Longhouse, Wild Africa and more. The zoo’s enchanting tropical rainforest environment itself offers a sensational experience.

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Cincinnati Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio is the second oldest Zoo in USA. The zoo conducts breeding programs for  cheetahs, sea lions, Western Lowland Gorillas, masai giraffes, Pottos, Malayan tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros and many other endangered animals.

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Siam Ocean World: A Closer Look at the World Under the Sea

When it comes to the world of aquatics, everyone loves to observe marine life. Many of us don’t get the opportunity to dive in the ocean and watch these beautiful creatures. Why lament anymore, if you have a place to witness those creatures in convenience of Siam Ocean World. This aquatic arena covers an area of 10,000 square meters on the basement of a famous shopping mall. It’s not only just one of the main attractions in the city; it’s also a learning center for kids. It has over 30,000 marine creatures belongs to 400 different species.
The novel concept of dividing the whole area to seven different environments, gives visitors a novel experience of learning. ‘Weird and wonderful’, consists of rare and exotic marine animals like gigantic spider crabs, nautiluses and pineapple fish. The next destination, ‘Deep Reef’ as you may have already guessed, is all about the fascinating life that dwells within them. The environment ‘Living Ocean’ shows the survival of marine animals. The ‘Rain Forest’ showcase different creatures like blind cave fish, giant water rats and otters, which fascinates children a lot. When we talk about the ocean, how can we forget about the shore? ‘Rocky Shore’ zone gives visitors a chance to observe life on the shore. The star of the Siam Ocean World is the ‘Open Ocean’, the largest unconfined aquarium with sharks of various types which includes ragged-tooth, stingrays, black-tipped, giant groupers and leopard. You can witness how the hunters of the ocean really look like in this environment.
Visitors who are looking for adventure and gaining experience have the opportunity of swimming through the fish in the 2.8 million liter aquarium. But, for a person who is up for a little adventure they can take a ride in a glass bottomed boat to take closer look at the animals, guaranteed it’ll be an experience of a life time.
Not just dive in to experience the marine life, visitors are also given the facility of arranging their wedding ceremony under the water. This is a special opportunity for those who love to do everything in an extra-ordinary way.
There are more exciting shows that you shouldn’t miss, like Diver Underwater Talk, Penguin Feed, Animal Contact, Otter Feeding and Shark feeding. Don’t forget to stop by the Thailand’s first world class 4-D theater for the 25 minute virtual adventure. When it comes to souvenirs The Shark Shop allows you to buy anything related to aquatic you want from a range of gifts like T-shirts.
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Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo: The perfect destination for animal lovers

f you are looking for a popular tourist hot spot in the outskirts of Bangkok, Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo is certainly the place to be. Just one hour drive west of Bangkok, this place is situated on 60 acres of land in Petkasem Road of Samphran district. The elephant and the crocodile wrestling show attract many tourists from around the world, whilst the elephant show is considered to be one of the best in Thailand.

Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo was officially opened in 1985 as a family playground and a tourist destination. It was also a center for Orchid reproduction and crocodile breeding. This place houses more than 10,000 crocodiles today. The elephant theme show was first initiated with just four elephants, today it has become one of the main attractions of these famed elephant grounds. In addition to the two main shows, tourists have the opportunity of experiencing an elephant ride, magic shows and elephant musical shows.
An elephant show comprises a variety of acts and performances. The highlight of the elephant show is the round-up ceremony of Suay people, which is an acknowledgement of the relationship between the elephant and trainer or what is referred to as a mahout. Another enjoyable sighting is the baby elephants kicking a foot ball and dancing. The Yutha Hathi performance, is a reenactment of a royal battle scene during the Ayuthaya Period and shows vistors the rich cultural history of Thailand.
Travelling is somewhat far, so finding the most convenient mode of transport is important. If you are going by a car, then you can have two options. First one will be driving to Phetkasem Road to 30 km, and then the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo sign can be seen on the left side. Second Option is to drive on Pinklao – Nakhon Chai Si Road and turn to your left to Phutthamonthon 4 Road, and drive for 5km. The Bus route involves taking the bus line number 123 from Tha Chang; get down at the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo.
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