Nightlife In Wuxi – Have a Thrilling Time

Wuxi is a metropolitan city located in the southern part of China’s Jiangsu Province. It is a little over a hundred kilometres from the bustling city of Shanghai which lies to the east. Wuxi is bounded by Lake Taihu to the south and the Yangtze River to the north. The city itself is networked with little canals and waterways that make the land extremely fertile. In fact, Wuxi is referred to as the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’. Endowed with a rich history, there are many monuments and museums here that are worth visiting. Wuxi is considered one of the ten best tourist cities in China, partly due to its rich heritage and culture and partly due to its modern infrastructure and nightlife.

While some might say that the nightlife in Wuxi is up and coming, others would argue that it has already arrived. Bars and nightclubs are still a new phenomenon in the city, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The newness fuels the excitement and the energy, and has brought about delightful and unique innovations. The nightspots are usually frequented by expats and tourists, although they are gaining popularity among the locals as well. 

Some of the best clubs and bars are located along the popular Zhongshan Road, and more can be found along Wuai Square. Of course none of them can be compared to 1912 Street, dubbed appropriately enough the ‘1912 Wuxi Bar Leisure Corridor’. 1912 Street is located along a canal and contains a number of unique bars and nightclubs and offer visitors a multitude of choices. There are at least twenty different themed bars. The most popular are Jason’s Bar, the Beatles Music Nightclub (for those feeling a little nostalgic), Marceau Bar and Soho Bar. 

Wuxi is an important hub for industry and commerce and the local infrastructure, such as public transport, is excellent. Tourists can make travel even easier by finding a hotel in Wuxi with a central location. A place like the Millennium Wuxi offers delightful accommodation in the heart of the city, while providing a sanctuary free from the noise and crowd. The Wuxi hotel is just a stone’s throw away from a number of good restaurants and nightspots.

Wuxi Nightlife

Offering a selection of dynamic options, Wuxi nightlife features vibrant activities and lively entertainment. With late-night restaurants, numerous karaoke lounges and Chinese pubs, the city caters to a variety of budgets and tastes. The expatriate bars such as the Londoner, Blue Bar and Australian Bar are some of the best available options. Offering pulsating contemporary dance music, local discos provide a plenty of excitement.  Karaoke is a popular diversion in Wuxi, thus dropping in at a karaoke bar would be ideal for the inquisitive visitor. Millennium Wuxi presents the Wuxi hotel of choice for the seasoned traveller.  Offering modern comforts for a remarkable stay, it is an idyllically located hotel in Wuxi.

Wuxi nightlife hides unexpected treats for night owls

Wuxi, with its scenic lakes and riversides amid impressively vast sprawls of forest and parkland, is one of the top ten tourist hot-spots in China. The city rich in human and natural resources is one of the major transportation links between three provinces, with 9 highways and the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and railways passing through Wuxi. As one of the major economic and commercial centres in China, the city is home to many foreigners and youthful corporate climbers eager for entertainment into the wee hours of the night.

However, the nature of night entertainment is distinctly divergent from what the jet-setters from other international metropolises are used to – the bars are still somewhat fledgling institutions in the city, still in the process of being accepted into the mainstream culture of a conservative people. However, that is not to say the conventional nightlife is disappointing; the Hubin Lu street to the south of the city and the newer Wuxi 1912 Bar Leisure Corridor comprise of a selection of nightspots and bars for the city night owls, as well as Japanese and Korean restaurants. There is no dearth of KTVs and Chinese nightclubs (such as Babyface and Club 7) either. The live entertainment at the People’s Conference Hall and Yinchun Teahouse are also popular alternatives.

However, Wuxi’s most attractive night-time entertainments are of the unconventional variety. Night boat tours along the Grand Canal or quiet walks along it, taking in the darkened beauty of Nanchan Temple or the sights and sounds of the night market are leisure options which grant visitors a greater understanding of Wuxi. The Wuxi Opera or Xiju is an extremely popular draw ideal for the cultural enthusiasts with more classical tastes.

To properly enjoy the nightlife of the city, it is essential that you stay at a centralized Wuxi hotel which will enable you to traverse the beautiful city-streets or gain prime access to the entertainment district. Millennium Wuxi is a five star hotel Wuxi located at the heart of the New District, combining the convenience of the city with the full impact of its natural beauty and serenity.