Heralding the New Year – Songkran Festival

Although Songkran, celebrated in Thailand from 13 to 15th April each year is known as a water festival where spraying water on everyone seems to be the primary activity, it in fact heralds the Thai New Year. Coming at one of the hottest months, many people make this an excuse to get soaked and to have weeklong celebrations. Occupying a prized location, Citadenes Sukhumvit 16 Bangkok offers convenient access to important business and commercial locations and fun city activities.

Businesses and offices shut down and half the population of Bangkok leaves for their home towns for long awaited family reunions. Water splashing, besides being a fun activity, is a symbol of washing away the misfortunes of the previous year, beginning the New Year afresh. This is similar to cleaning out houses that is also part of the festival. Originally a small symbolic bowl of water was poured over relatives and friends but now buckets, garden hoses and water guns have entered the picture. The first day of Songkran is also National Elders Day. Young people sprinkle perfumed water on the palms of their elders and ask for their blessings. The second day of Songkran is National Family Day. Many families start the day by giving alms to Buddhist monks. Other Songkran rituals include bathing Buddha images in perfumed water at home and in temples and carrying out merit making activities according to Buddhist beliefs. In Sanam Luang a Buddha image is taken in procession through the streets for devotees to sprinkle water on it.

The wildest Songkran celebration takes place in Bangkok on a 5km stretch of street near Patpong. It is packed deep with Thais and tourists in holiday mood wielding water spraying gadgetry. Fire trucks stationed at intersections ambush the revelers with their powerful water hoses providing a respite from the scorching heat. Elephants too are used as water sprayers. Some Thai communities celebrate Songkran a week later than the rest of the country also with water splashing but tempered with cultural activities. Beauty pageants, food fairs and sand sculptures honouring the Buddha are also part of the Songkran festivities. As a highly rated Bangkok apartment hotel, Sukhumvit 16 offers comforts and conveniences to suit the needs of its diverse clientele.

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SongKran Festival – sawatdi pi mai!

Say sawatdi pi mai! at the Songkran Festival at Thailand this year! The Songkran Festival, also known as the Thai traditional New Year is celebrated between the 13 to 16 April every year. Beach Hotels Hua Hin Thailand are quite abuzz during these days, actively participating in all the festivities. Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort is one of the Hua Hin hotels that are known to delve into the very depth of the festival and celebrate the Songkran in style. The most remarkable feature of this festival is perhaps the good natured water throwing that takes place in the streets during this period so be prepared to be drenched to the bone if planning to take part in the New Year. Buddha statues are paraded through the cities on decorative floats and these statues are bathed in water as they roam the streets amidst the veneration of the passersby. Also enjoy feasts prepared specially for the occasion and tantalize your taste buds with no reservation at this festival of renewal, joy and goodwill.

Songkran festival – Splash the sins away

Although New Year was traditionally celebrated at the beginning of the year in 1888, April now marks the beginning of the year in Thailand since 1940s. Initially adopted from an Indian Festival this festival has been celebrated for centuries. The most colourful celebrations are held in Chiang Mai, where celebrations go on for about 6 days. It’s a great time for Tourists to bask in the sun along with the locals celebrating the festivities and associating local culture.

Most Buddhists visit monasteries and give food to the monks, cleanse Buddha images and with fragrant water, praying for good luck and prosperity during the dawning new year. Colourfully decorated sand sculptures are also a common site in monasteries. Much to the disappointment of traditional Thailanders, the emphasis has shifted to a more pleasurable aspect from the spiritual aspect of the festival.

Good Cheer follows throughout the streets as people throw water on one another and indulge in various religious activities. The water is meant as a way of washing all the sins away. Pageants and festivities crowd the streets making it a great time to travel to this amazingly colourful country. The festival is celebrated in different parts of Thailand in much the same way. Phuket is an exotic location in Thailand, popular among many travellers to the east, for its blend of culture, natural beauty and as an adventurous getaway. Retreats in Thailand celebrate the Songkran festival by decorating the atmosphere beautifully and celebrating with food and good cheer.

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Songkran Festival – Be prepared to be douched in water

Wreathed in festivities, colour and joy, the Songkran Festival celebrates the dawning of a new year in great ardour. Originally calculated according to the astrological charts, the dates have now been fixed between tyhe 13th and 15th of April. Visiting Thailand during this time of the year can be a unique experience and one of convenient Bangkok serviced apartments available within the area would be the ideal accommodation choice. Citadines Sukhumvit 11 Bangkok is a one of the best Sukhumvit serviced apartments available within the area conveniently located in the middle of all the hustle and bustle so that the visitors would not miss out on any of the fun. However, be prepared to be douched by buckets of water if one intends to roam the streets during this time as hurling bucketfuls of water at each other is a tradition fondly practiced by the Thais during this time of the year.