Balinese Dance Performance -Tradition in the Finest Form

Music, movement, colour and culture; those are the ingredients that make Balinese dance somewhat hypnotic in its effect as it sweeps you out of this world. Like the lush natural beauty that adorns this quaint and remarkably picturesque island, culture has an almost artistic touch in Bali. Be it song, dance or a mere religious ritual there is so much of essence in each performance. Bali being an island etched with rich culture boasts an array of dance performances. Largely dramatic, these performances give you a taste of authentic Bali like nothing else.

The Balinese dance is in fact an ancient tradition that goes way back in time. It is primarily religious in nature, but there are those performed merely for entertainment as well. The many Balinese dancers are traditionally attired in shiny and colourful costumes, with loud vibrant make up applied on their faces. The performance is angular, dynamic and intensely expressive. Through their pristine movements and intense gestures an entire story is conveyed. The eyes widen, the hands sway, the body synchronizes with the music and the story is told with not a single word uttered.

This form of expression in its many forms is truly captivating. Several performances involve a story, a tale being told through a series of movements; the most common being the Barong dance. This performance depicts a battle between the good and the evil; a battle between Rangda and the great beast Barong. The Legong dance is also another ancient performance originating somewhere between the 12th and 13 centuries. The story told here is that of the famous maiden Rangkesari, when she was captured by the king and rescued by the prince.

Other dances include the Kecak which highlights the male chorus and the bumblebee dance that mimics the mating ritual of two bumblebees. The traditional party dance of Bali is called the Joged and invites the audience to dance along with the dancer. It is certainly one festive performance that does not have a religious significance behind it.

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Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+