Sentosa 4D Magix Theatre: A real life thrust

One of the most explored areas of the Sentosa Island is the Imbiah Lookout which is situated close to Mount Imbiah.  It has a plethora of mind blowing amusements and wide variety of dining experiences. Sentosa 4D Magix Theatre which is a part of ‘Imbiah Lookout’ is a unique interactive theatrical experience which kindles all your senses with four dimensional digital effects.
4D Magix in Sentosa is an absolute stimulating experience stimulating all the senses through its high-tech motion stimulators. Through a combination of a full range of visual effects, digital in-built sound systems, seat movements and other seat effects such as rain, wind blowing, ticklers, water sprinklers and numerous environmental conditions all your senses will be totally aroused and you will experience inexplicable real-life thrusts and motion. 
Sentosa 4D Magix Theatre is truly a magical experience. Sit on the edge of the seats and tighten your seat belts. Feel the excitement of the stomach-churning kick of magical movies, and the riveting excitement of being tossed and enjoy the hair ruffling wind blowing across your face.  Experience this unique virtual adventure at Sentosa 4D magix which offers you a whole new generation of theatrical magic.
Sentosa in Singapore reflects the amusement industry at its best. However, for most of the visitors, Sentosa is a relaxed luxury getaway. A series of resorts and spas along with variety of eateries which offers you an unforgettable culinary delight are built in Sentosa. With its golden sandy beaches, botanical gardens and well trimmed parks, spending a holiday in Sentosa is like a brief stay in paradise.  With the nightfall Sentosa is transformed into a miraculous hideout from the hustle and bustle of the city with its illuminated pathways and musical fountains which draws locals and foreigners to Sentosa. 
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The Children’s Theatre Company – Creating Masterpieces of Theatre

Seeking to become an international icon of excellence in theatre, The Children’s Theatre Company was established in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 1961. The company strives to be a leader in creating new theater work for the young generation.  Coming up with initiatives for incorporating theatre in community development and education, the company has productions mostly drawing inspiration from classic children’s literature including adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, A Year with Frog and Toad, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Cinderella, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and Pippi Longstocking. Most of these classics are frequently revived and included in the reparatory of the company for a number of seasons.

Creating exceptional theatre experiences, it offers activities and programs which celebrate various cultures, ideas and art forms. Using the power of theatre to question accepted notions, touch hearts and open discussion, the group works to evolve theater as a means of inspiring, challenging and educating young people.
The group plays host to numerous rental events every season including non-CTC theatrical events, graduation ceremonies, music performances, private parties and weddings. The CTC Heroes Program is a unique feature which celebrates a hero, a young one in particular from the region. These heroes may include those working to make a difference in the communities they live in. The program is dedicated to highlighting examples of realistic heroism in its many forms.

The company’s 2011-2012 Season presents three main productions beginning with Harold and the Purple Crayon which is a world-premiere musical using breathtaking and imaginative puppetry and animation, taking place from 17th January to 26th February. It will be followed by Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy which is scheduled to be held from 13th March to 8th April and Pippi Longstocking which takes places form 24th April to 10th June.

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Julliard Drama Theater – Transforming Acts into Mesmerizing Tales

Amidst New Yorks High rise buildings and bustling city life, there is the trend of fine art depicted by Drama and Music. With plenty of interesting names ringing bells in this city, New York produces some excellent Drama which not only displays spectacular talent but is very entertaining to watch as well.

It is in this city where the Julliard School hails from. Considered one of the finest and prestigious performing arts conservatories in the world, it produces some of the best outcomes in dance, drama and music. The school has a student population of about 800 who bring out the fine quality of art on stage for drama lovers to enjoy.

The Juliard Drama division in particular is a fantastic transformation of acts into a realistic story that captivates its audience. With a vision dedicated to excellence, the school provides its students with the latest tools and methodologies to meet the demands in the ever evolving world of performing arts. Intricate methodologies are used where playwright programs are combined with acting programs enabling actors and writers to come together in producing something new, something vibrant, and something that would surely make you say it is the best.

Apart from Drama, the Julliard school has a number of ensembles including chamber music, orchestras, jazz and even vocal groups. Part of Julliard’s orchestras includes the new Julliard Ensemble, the conductors orchestra and the Julliard Theatre Orchestra. There are also some excellent and popular names like New York woodwind Quintet, Julliard String Quartlet and the American Bass Quintet. All fine artists teaching these students who are gearing to entertain the world.

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Sentosa 4D Magix, a whole new meaning to movie magic!

Take a seat, lay back and relax as you begin to experience movie-watching on a whole new level! Sentosa 4D Magix offers a wide spectrum of special visual, sound, motion and environmental effects that put you right in the middle of the exciting and thrilling moments of action. Feel like you’ve been tossed in your seats, wind rushing through your hair and feel sprinkles of water in your face as you splash into the Caribbean while fighting pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean, and the favorite family 4D adventure movie “PIRATES” are now screened at the theatre.
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29th Street Retail District- a distinctive shopping complex

The 29th Street retail district is a major shopping center in Boulder, Colorado. Situated on the former location of the Crossroads Mall, the district is an unusual shopping area that is popular amongst visitors as well as locals. Under the management of The Macerich Company, the retail center commenced operations in 2006. The venue is subdivided into three different neighborhoods interconnected by numerous walkways, streets, plazas, terraces and other community oriented gathering areas. The anchor tenants of the center are Home Depot, Macy’s, Borders, Century Theaters, Colorado Athletic Club and Staples.

In contrast to the shopping complex it replaced, 29th Street is not a mall in the normally understood meaning of the word. It consists of an array of ‘big-box’ stores and numerous small scale strip malls, divided by avenues which accommodate motor traffic. With its retail, entertainment, office space and dining facilities, the center is considered to be an outdoor lifestyle center.

Before the approval for the construction of the 29th Street complex was finalized many different ideas were expressed for the development of the area. Ultimately it was decided upon to demolish Crossroads Mall and create a new retail complex. The city authorities agreed with the plans for 50-60 stores and a cinema, and the developers Macerich/Westcor commenced the construction process. The opening of the shopping compound was a grand affair featuring a science-inspired theme and a performance by Thomas Dolby.

Boulder is an attractive city located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. A university town noted for its modern values, Boulder is also distinguished by its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The residents of the city often involve themselves in sports and outdoor activities, gaining themselves a reputation as one of the healthiest communities in the United States.

Many appealing shopping centers are to be found in the environs of Boulder, with the downtown area being recognized as a prominent area for shopping, as well as numerous dining and entertainment facilities. Particularly noted is the Pearl Street Mall which is popular amongst residents as well as visitors to the city.

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The Broadway Theatre District – Entertainment at Its Best

The Broadway Theatre district is situated in Midtown Manhattan. The area is dotted with Broadway theatres including restaurants, hotels, movie theatres and other entertainment venues in the vicinity.

The district begins from 40th Street to 54th Street, and extends from east of Sixth Avenue to west of Eighth Avenue, and includes Times Square as well. The area of Broadway which flows through the theatre district is commonly called the Great White Way. In ‘Theatre Row’, which is an area on 42nd Street from Ninth Avenue to Eleventh Avenue, comprises many Broadway theatres, may also be considered to be an extension of the Broadway Theatre District, although it is not considered so officially.

Broadway theatre, simply known as Broadway, refers to theatre performances acted out at one of the 39 large professional theaters located in Manhattan.
Broadway Theatre is the equivalent of London’s West End theatre, and is usually considered to showcase the highest quality of commercial theatre in the English-speaking world.

The theatre district is a popular tourist attraction in the city of New York. According to New York’s Broadway League, the Broadway shows have sold approximately $937 million worth of tickets in 2007 and 2008.

When in New York it is only natural to want to watch a Broadway show and these shows sell roughly a billion dollars worth of tickets annually contributing towards the tourist industry. In addition tourists who come to watch the shows in turn generate billions into restaurants and hotels.

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Bangkok Nightlife- where anything is possible

There is no doubt that a visitor would desire to stay for more than one night in this Asian City of Angels. Bangkok, the financial and cultural focal point of Asia, with its assortment of resorts to pamper anyone from anywhere in the world, will provide endless entertainment for the traveller to remember for a lifetime.
Being a global city, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand welcomes an innumerable number of visitors every year. Therefore, it is necessary for the city to have its stock of entertainment, all year long. Whether the call is for cold beer at a boisterous bar or sunset margaritas on a terrace, live Jazz and steamy Salsa, or exotic entertainment, Bangkok is ready and waiting to please, like a generous host. One might even think that night time in Bangkok is the best time to explore this amazing country. The city provides around the clock entertainment in an array of spas, bars, cinemas as well as the well known shopping districts and restaurants. The well known areas of vibrant nightlife found in Bangkok are between Silom Road and Surawong Road. Patpong is also famous for its collection of food outlets.
A wide selection of the best spas in the world can be found in Bangkok. In Thailand anything and everything is available for exceptionally cheap prices. Panthip Plaza, on Petchburi Road is famous for its collection of computer and electric equipment shops and cheaper products with international logos. Chatuchak Weekend market, Suan Lum Night Bazaar, Emporium, Siam Paragon and the Central World Plaza which was earlier called the World Trade Centre are only a few of the many fantastic shopping spots that can be reached in a taxi ride. Later in the evening the traveller can sip a beer or eat inexpensive yet quality local food while listening to live bands or DJ music at any of the pubs and restaurants found in Thailand. Any of these bars and discos should be worth a visit for the usual western flavour of a taste of Thai Food. Yet for a more sophisticated traveller there are many go-go bars, nightclubs beer bars, lounges, pool bars and massage parlors to chose from. Having a memorable time in Bangkok will never burn a hall in your pocket. There is enthusiasm, variety and energy for every taste, age and gender.
The Bangkok cinemas will not ignore the movie lovers who visit the city. There are many cinemas to comfortably sit at and enjoy movies in English with Thai subtitles. For those who are enthusiastic on more classical entertainment will enjoy Orchestral music at the Cultural Center.
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