The Moon Cake Festival – “Reunion of both people and the moon”

Have you heard of the second grandest festival in China? Mid-Autumn Festival is simply a celebration of autumn fantasies with dazzling lanterns and colourful festivities. Do read on!

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The Moon Cake Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival has a rewarding history that runs back to 3000 years. This celebration was derived from the moon worship custom which was celebrated during the Shang Dynasty. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the festival usually falls on the 15th day of the 8th month. From time immemorial, Chinese people used to pay homage to the moon praying for a good harvest.


On the evening of the festival day, usually, the Chinese people have a meal together with all the family members. Also, there’s a special ritual to pay sacrifices to the moon with a strong belief that moon in return will bring them good luck.

Colourful displays

The Chinese dragon dance is an important highlight of the festivities. The Dragon has an indivisible rapport with Chinese culture since it symbolizes power, wisdom and wealth. It is believed that this dragon dance has the power to chase away evil spirits! If you’re planning to visit China during this festival, reserve your stay prior to your visit at a Macau hotel the likes of Hotel Okura Macau, to witness the colourful lantern festival and many other celebrations.

Moon Cake

Moon Cakes are the must eat Mid-Autumn in China and you’ll come across these traditional Chinese pastries in almost all the houses. These cakes are round, symbolizing reunion and happiness.

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