Etihad Stadium One of the Top Entertainment Arenas in the World – The Dynamic Etihad Stadium of Melbourne

Etihad Stadium

                               Profile, Etihad Stadium, CC BY 2.0

Melbourne is a cultural capital of Australia and a thriving destination where the performing arts are concerned. It is also a prime locale for sporting events, since it also hosted many major events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and various world-cup matches. As a result of this the city is a thriving tourism destination and has many choices of accommodation, ranging from resorts to serviced apartments Melbourne CBD has to offer such as Oaks On William.

The stadium finished construction in 2001, and cost a total of more than four-hundred-million Australian dollars. All of that money was arguably well spent since it is one of the most renowned entertainment venues in the world. The coliseum-style stadium boasts a retractable roof that is the biggest of its kind within the entire Southern Hemisphere.

The venue was originally built for Australian-rules football, but has since hosted a wide variety of events. One of the most popular of them was part of the WWE Global Warning tour. Although it wasn’t a televised, it was considered an official WWE Live event. When UFC 193 was held at the stadium it set a record attendance for the company.

There have been a wide range of international musical acts that have graced the stage, encompassing a wide variety of genres. These artists include big names such as Barbara Streisand, George Michael, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/DC and Coldplay.

The stadium also hosted an automotive event with the use of a temporary track during the 2015 Speedway Grand Prix of Australia where it featured the Motorcycle Speedway part of the event.

With an astonishing range of events being showcased here, this is definitely one of the ultimate entertainment venues in existence. So if you ever find yourself in Melbourne, be sure to keep an out for what’s happening at the Etihad Stadium.

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