Cultural Activities to do in Negombo -A Treasure-trove of Cultural Wonders

Drenched in sunshine and home to idyllic stretches of shoreline bordered by refreshing ocean waters, Negombo, a slice of paradise has a rich history and heritage and those visiting here have much to do. One of the best ways to enjoy this coastal getaway is to stay at budget hotels in Sri Lanka that are located on the shore itself such as Hotel J Negombo.

Being a coastal city in Sri Lanka, Negombo was a very popular city during the colonization of the island. Tipped to be one of Negombo’s most visited tourist attractions, the Dutch Fort is no ordinary remnant of the city’s colonial legacy. Having been under the Portuguese and Dutch rule in centuries past the city’s colonial heritage is one of its chief draws for tourists from around the world. A tour of the Dutch Fort is a highlight of any tour of Negombo as the imposing structure built as a defence mechanism against invasion is an architectural marvel that dates back to 1672.

Affectionately dubbed Sri Lanka’s “Little Rome” Negombo is home to more churches per square kilometre than any other city on the island. Filled with churches some of the key highlights in Negombo include St. Mary’s Church which is one of the largest cathedrals in all of Sri Lanka. Other points of interest for church-goers include the Katuwapitiya Church, Sea Street Church and the Grand Street Church which are incidentally the largest parishes in the most catholic city. Although Christianity is the predominant religion in Negombo, there is a good deal of mosques, kovils and Buddhist Temples all over Negombo city. A prominent age old temple in the region is the Angurukaramulla Temple and is known above all for its 6m-long reclining Buddha. Every day devout worshippers can be seen offering flowers to Lord Buddha and praying for prosperity before this mighty statue.

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