Sinhala and Hindu New Year Celebrations in Colombo – Experience Festival in Sri Lanka

Celebrated during the auspicious month of April, the New Year Festival is a very important national holiday for both Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

Who celebrates it

The solor festival is celebrated by both the Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil Hindu Communities.

What it’s About

Unlike western celebration where the New Year is celebrated at midnight on 31st of December, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year is determined by astrological signs and is celebrated when the sun moves from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries.

Traditional Customs and Rituals

The rituals and customs followed by the Sinhala Buddhist community are similar to those observed by the Tamil Hindus. A variety of rituals such lighting the fire in the hearth, preparing the customary dish of Kiribath, (Milk Rice), entering into the first monetary transaction are only some of the customs which are observed. A very important custom followed by both communities is to boil milk in a new clay pot facing an auspicious direction. Prosperity is symbolized when the milk overflows.


Preparing various dishes and feasting with friends and family is very a important part of the Festival. Traditional sweetmeats such Kaung an oil cake of sorts and Kokis are some of the sweet meats prepared. If you happen to be in Colombo during the festival be sure to try them. Most Colombo city hotels including the likes of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa prepare spreads for their guests.

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Golf in Colombo: happy golfing!

The island’s capital has a delightful climate for a golfer. The grass stays soft and green, nourished both by the sun and rains that take turns flirting with Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. There are three iconic golf courses in Sri Lanka that are equally captivating. However, as you are bound to pass through or spend some quality time in Colombo, The Royal Colombo Golf Club is a must-visit golf course located in the heart of the metropolis. The club is historically relevant much like Mount Lavinia Hotel, a beautiful hotel with an incomparable history. Both the club and the hotel re-awaken Sri Lanka’s colonial past. The Royal Colombo Golf Club is the only place that perfectly spells Golf Colombo can offer. Spend the day with your favourite sport, friends and refreshing drinks at Colombo’s only Golf Club.

An essentially British sport, Golf was first played on the Galle Face Green. Today the green is a playground for all age groups. In 1896, the club was moved to its present location down Model Farm Road, Colombo 8. If the history of the club interests you, it’s memorabilia will surely thrill you too. And as the name of the road suggests, the location was initially a model farm owned by Sir Charles Henry de Soysa, a Ceylonese philanthropist.

It is also important to bombard a prospective visitor with the details of the golf course. The course has 18 holes with 6560 meters black tees, 6303 meters white tees and 5186 ladies tees. Much to the visitor’s delight is the knowledge that the fairways are cushioned with Buffalo Grass and the greens with Tifeagle. Most importantly, the fees to enjoy a good game of golf are reasonable. A day at the course will cost you around £20. This includes all the essentials such as green fees, caddy, ball spotters and tips. You probably might not get a better bargain anywhere else in the world.

Lounging in the colonial style veranda is the best way to relax before or after a game. The club also houses the Guv’nors bar, where international and local liquor is served to the satisfaction of many. When you have explored the bar and lounged in the veranda, you can also visit the coffee shop; it’s aromas are inviting and give you the right attitude to approach a good, long game of golf.

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Event Venues in Colombo

Colombo is rapidly emerging as a must-see stop in Sri Lanka. Colombo is the largest and the most commercial city in Sri Lanka. The city of Colombo offers historical monuments, colonial architecture, festivals and events, beaches, fine dining, and shopping. The happening nightspots have popped up recently in Colombo, giving it the much needed throbbing nightlife. While there are nightclubs with bars catering to the younger adults, there are some bars with popular bands playing, which are more popular amidst the older clientele. The city of Colombo has some of the best restaurants in the country, serving wide range of cuisines. The Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo is one of the most luxurious five star Hotels in Colombo. Cinnamon Lakeside has won many accolades and awards, making it the best leading five star hotel in Colombo. The hotel has been ranked the Best Five Star Hotel, twice by the Sri Lankan Tourist Board. Cinnamon Lakeside overlooks the tranquil Beira Lanka, and provides elegant and sophisticated accommodation, attention to detail and impeccable services. The hotel also has some fabulous dining options, which are absolute culinary delights. The hotel is the ideal venue in Colombo to hold conferences, birthday parties, intimate gatherings, and weddings. The hotel is most famous for hosting extravagant, lavish or intimate weddings.

Sri Lanka has all the necessary infra-structure to organize an international conference be small or large. In Colombo there are 3 modern conference and exhibition centers which cater to both large conferences for up to 2000 guests and exhibitions of any scale. The Liberty is first of its kind in Colombo. It is a sophisticated and a hi-tech system that gives light to any designer/ decorator/ event planners with over 16.7 million colors to choose from. The Bandaranayke Conference Hall is the first purpose –built conference center in Asia. It is an ideal venue for conferences, exhibitions, beauty pageants and many more other events.

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Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) – For Any Formal Occasion

Sri Lanka is a small South Asian island nation located just south of India. Known for its rich history, beautiful coastal features and booming tourism industry, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a hub of development in the region, and a great exhibition and convention centre Sri Lanka is the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. If you are planning on having any formal occasion in Sri Lanka get in touch with Nkar MICE, an excellent solution for meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions.

The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) is one of Sri Lanka’s iconic landmarks, and has hosted a number of international and regional events. Located in heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, the BMICH is equipped with facilities and services, making it a suitable forum for any type of occasion, be it a business exhibition, convention, meeting or a panel conference.

Built in 1973 by the People’s Republic of China as a gift to Sri Lanka, the BMICH is named in memory of S.W.R.D Bandaranaike; a former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Since then it has been the host of the Non-Aligned Movement Summit of 1976, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2013, the World Conference of Youth 2014, and many other multi-lateral and regional forums and conferences. Within the premises one can find many conference halls with modern facilities, many exhibition halls, delegation rooms and many other technical services. With its own catering service, police detachment and VIP services, the BMICH is fully equipped for any high profile or formal meeting, convention or conference. Adjoining the BMICH is the Sirimavo Bandaranike Memorial Exibition Centre, which covers an area of over 4500m2 and is a convenient solution for smaller events. This centre also has many delegation rooms, lounges and technical facilities.

All in all, the BMICH complex is an ideal solution for any meeting, conference or convention to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Hosting Corporate Events in Colombo – Planned Perfection in Paradise!

With its picturesque beaches, thriving financial hub and well developed infrastructure, Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is one of the best spots on the island to host corporate events. Those in search of experienced event planners in Sri Lanka can enlist the services of Nkar MICE. It offers a diverse array of services from finding venues to organising transport and handling event management Sri Lanka.

When it comes to hosting corporate events in Colombo, there are many venues one can choose from. The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall or BMICH is one of the premier event venues and is home to a 2,000 person main hall along with small meeting rooms, break-up rooms and various other smaller venues within the property. It also has plenty of outdoor space for setting up stalls. Situated within easy reach of the city’s business centre and several renowned hotels, the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) is also an ideal option for hosting exhibitions and conventions. For something different and diverse you can make use of the newly constructed Lotus Pond Performing Art Centre which has an open air rooftop area as well. Set alongside the water, the Waters Edge has several venues and is also an excellent option to consider.


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