Chumphon Marine Festival – The Incredible Chumphon Marine Festival

If you have heard of Thailand you will be aware that this nation has some of the most unique and astonishing festivals in the world, such as the city-wide water-fight that is referred to as the Songkran festival. The Chumphon Marine festival is an equally incredible concept and is definitely something that should not be missed if you happen to be here during the season. There’s many a Sathorn Bangkok hotel to choose from in the nearby area such as the Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel.

The goal of the festival is to promote marine tourism while also carrying out some seriously eco-friendly activities in the process. One of the most incredible highlights of the 2016 festival were the sand-related art that was featuring ranging from incredibly breathtaking drawings to sand sculptures of various icons that are relevant to the ten ASEAN countries as well as the Chumphon province itself.

There are many mini-festivals that take place during the course of this larger parent festival. If you enjoy seafood, there’s a massive seafood festival that takes place as part of the Chumpon Marine Festival where you can feast on a variety of seafood dishes prepared according to a range of styles. There’s even a kite-festival that happens which is sure to be a sight to behold.

The most remarkable activities are the ones that positively impact the marine environment. Not only does the festival result in large-scale beach clean-ups, but it organises operations involving divers who rid the ocean depths of garbage, since Chumphon is considered one of the best diving spots in Thailand. During the festival, rare and endangered marine creatures are also released back into the ocean in order to boost their numbers. These usually mark the end of conservation projects to breed certain species.

So if you’re in Thailand during this time, be sure to experience the astonishingly positive Chumphon Marine Festival.

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Siam Niramit Show – Combining History, Culture and Tradition with Music and Dance

The city of Bangkok is visited by many with leisure in mind and a Sathorn leisure hotel is ideal in this respect as it provides a tranquil getaway from the fast paced city while being conveniently accessible. Relaxation in Bangkok comes very easy, whether it is shopping one prefers, exploring the city’s spectacular sights or opting for a dining cruise down Chao Phraya River, such as the cruise organised by Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel. Such a cruise is a wonderful way to take in the Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn, and the Grand Palace for these attractions are beautifully lit up at night. Those who wish to leave the frantic pace of the world behind and immerse themselves in Thai culture can also opt for a Siam Niramit Show. Much like the beloved Water Puppet Show in Vietnam, the Siam Niramit Show combines culture and history with song and dance and makes for a memorable evening.

The Siam Niramit Show lasts around 80 minutes during which the skilled dancers decked in colourful traditional costumes, along with traditional Thai music, recount the history of the country, its traditions and beliefs while also demonstrating its cultural heritage through three acts: Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination and Journey through Joyous Festivals. The Show makes great use of new technology in terms of lights and sounds which in turn infuses the colourful performance with modernity.

The Show commences at 8pm and tickets costs between 1,500-2,000 baht. However, patrons can also opt to watch the Show with dinner, for which you must pay a little extra, but which will complement the experience immensely. Enjoy the delicious Thai cuisine before you immerse yourself in the fantastic traditions, culture and history of the former Kingdom of Siam at the Siam Niramit Show in Bangkok.

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