Singapore Arts Festival – a cultural spectacle

Organised by the National Arts Council on annual basis, the Singapore Arts Festival is definitely worth checking out for it will offer you an ideal base on which to unearth the country’s extravagant culture and customs. Sheraton Towers Singapore which is luxury hotel in Singapore will afford pleasing accommodation should you require to holiday in the country during the time of this festival. This 5 star hotel in Singapore should be thought of beforehand.
Showcasing the local arts from diverse communities in the country, the festival has been successfully held since its inaugural showing in 1977. From visual arts, dance, music and theatrical acts, the Singapore arts Festival is undoubtedly the place to be at. Bringing a host of international artists to its stage, the event is one of the most attended spectacles in Singapore and a ‘must-do’ for all of you who value the essence of the arts. Adding the latest inventions in modern day technology, this festival represents the vibrant culture for which Singapore continues to leave an impression in the hearts of the global audience.

Dragon Boat Festival, always thrilling

The Dragon Boat Festival in Singapore is a spectacular annual event which is conducted at the Bedok Reservoir located in the environs of the city. At this much looked forward to event you will be able to see dragon boat crews hailing from many different parts of the globe vying for supremacy in this prestigious and keenly contested competition. In this demanding sport, teams of 22 strong and powerful rowers strain every sinew to help their teams to achieve victory.

This unique and enthralling sport has its origins in imperial China in ancient times. Like many activities in this part of the world, dragon boating inherits a rich historical heritage. The legend goes that there was once a great minister and poet, Qu Yuan, who lived during the Chinese Chu Kingdom and was renowned for his infallible honesty. Qu Yuan became so distressed by the corruption and dishonesty of the rulers and officials of the governing regime that he flung himself into the river Mei Lo.

It is thought that the rowing motions of the dragon boat crews are derived from the frantic attempts of local fishermen who tried to scare away flesh-eating fishes by striking the water with their oars while they attempted to save his life. According to the story, the fishermen were unsuccessful in their rescue attempt but this story is thought to be the origin of the festival custom of throwing rice dumplings into the river to placate the river spirits.

Today, the sport of dragon boating is a festive and joyful spectacle with much enthusiasm and camaraderie. However, many of the ancient customs have been retained, such as the bathing of each boat’s elaborately decorated dragon head prior to each race.

The sight of many racing teams battling it out for supremacy is truly a mesmeric sight, with the loud chants and aggressive drumming providing an appropriate ambience for this competitive sporting event. Spectators of all ages will be captivated by this distinctive and exciting spectacle.

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Usher in the New Year in Style in Party Capital Singapore

Despite its reputation as one of the more straight-laced nations in Asia Singapore transforms itself in to a celebratory epicenter come 31st of December. Globally renowned for its late night New Years Eve parties and iconic fireworks displays the Lion City is a one stop party central like no other in the region. Catering to party-goers of all ages and origin the wide variety of events taking place across the island nation provides the perfect atmosphere to hark in the New Year in style. Whether one is stopping over for a holiday or especially dropping in to welcome the New Year in Asia’s festive heartland revelers from around the world can be guaranteed of a memorable New Years Eve celebration when in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Countdown is the country’s largest New Year event to date and is best known for its illuminating fireworks displays. Live performances by some of the globe’s biggest artists also take centre stage at this large scale event with acts the likes of John Klass, Trick, Jersey Boys and M.I.B decorating the illustrious line-up of performers. The Bay of Hope and Light also sets forth “wishing spheres” symbolizing the country’s hopes for the year ahead.

The Siloso Beach Party is the best venue for those who wish to welcome the New Year on a pristine beachfront. The over 18 mêlée includes a large dance floor with Dj’s spinning Latin, Mambo and house beats while attendees let loose on a large foam pool. The Tanjong Beach Club also annually hosts its own beach event with floating lanterns, fire spinners and international Dj’s thrown in to the fray whereas the Clarke Quay NYE is renowned for its fireworks and thumping clubs. The Supernova Countdown on the other hand is geared for the whole family with numerous rides and outdoor activities such as shows by celebrity impersonators while the Sky Party affords views of the Singapore skyline from a great vantage point. A four course meals is also part of the itinerary on the Ferris wheel with air-conditioned pods that look out over the night sky at 360 degree angles. Dj music follows the Ferris wheel ride that culminates with participants dancing the night away.

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Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day – Colourful Celebrations in The Lion City

Declared a public holiday each year the Chinese New Year is no ordinary cultural festival in the Lion City of Singapore. Marked during the last days of January this engaging local festival is celebrated with great pomp and pageantry by the island nation’s Chinese community although it is equally popular among Singaporeans of all faiths and visitors alike. The 2014 Chinese New Year falls on the 31st of January and this year harks in the Year of the Horse. Also known as the Lunar New Year and the Singapore Spring Festival this one of a kind event brings together the traditions of the Chinese celebration with all its customs and rituals and combines it with vibrant parades and street parties.

Taking place from the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar to the 15th the public holidays for the Lunar New Year officially lasts till 1st January, 2014 only. It is customary for Chinese residents of Singapore to engage in household refurbishments and cleaning to rid the space of bad luck according to Chinese beliefs. Purchasing new clothes and visiting loved ones also hits an all time high during this period where exchanging red hued Hong Bao money pouches is also a common practice. Chinese New Year’s Eve dinners also known as “reunion meals” are also a prominent feature during the festival when the Chinatown area is littered with red lanterns, sweetmeats, and night markets. The Chinatown Street Light-Up ceremony and the parades down Kreta Ayer Square also encompass lion dances, fire displays, and other colorful performances.

The Chingay Parade is perhaps the nation’s most popular feature at this event as the mega carnival with giant floats, magicians, dancers and fire-breathers takes centre stage on the Marina Bay waterfront on the Formula One Pit Building grounds. The River Hangbao festivities are also conducted during the conclusion of the New Year when the entire region comes live with lanterns, fireworks, street performers, and fantastic shopping opportunities.

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Christmas in Singapore – A Magical Way to Experience the Season

Whoever says that Christmas isn’t complete without the steady fall of snow and the cold temperatures clearly has never experienced the magic of the breath-taking Christmas celebrations in Singapore. Although the weather is warm and tropical during the months of December, in Singapore the magic of the season greets you wherever you may visit in Singapore. Full of things to do and places to see, Christmas in Singapore is a truly magical and marvellous time of year.

Singapore is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, but during the month of December, the festivities and Christmas spirit make it truly spectacular. To see streets beautifully lit up in dancing and twinkling fairy lights, the best place to visit is Orchard Road. This road is mainly known for its amazing shopping destinations, but during the festive season, the streets are filled with exquisite lights and colours. While on Orchard Street, you can also do plenty of Christmas shopping, as the shops there are filled with plenty of things that would make ideal gifts for all your love ones.

Shopping and bustling about the busy streets of Singapore can work up quite an appetite, and the best place to satisfy this hunger with some exquisite cuisine are the all-you-can-eat buffets offered at many of the hotels in Singapore. The buffets will satisfy any craving you may have, whether you want gourmet treats or a homely Christmas dinner.

If you want to add a more traditional and simple feel to your Christmas in Singapore, be sure to visit some of the beautiful churches in the city, where you can truly feel and appreciate the Christmas spirit. The windows of the St Andrews Cathedral, situated close to Orchard Road, are adorned with breathtaking stained glass, and are a sight not to be missed.

Christmas in Singapore is a magical time, where the spirit of the season can truly be felt. This makes Singapore a very popular holiday destination during the month of December, with hundreds of sights to see and activities for all your loved ones. Choosing the right 5 star hotel in Singapore plays a huge part in making your Christmas in the city that much more special. One hotel that is guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit is the Sheraton Towers Singapore. With its beautiful rooms and exotic spa, this luxury hotel in Singapore will make your tropical Christmas extra fun.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 – an exciting way to see the city

Singapore is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; the streets are lined with hundreds of interesting sites and breathtaking architecture. Anyone travelling in this modern city is bound to see some unforgettably beautiful things. But for anyone looking to take in this city in a more interesting way, rather than a taxi, train or a bus, should definitely consider participating in the annual Standard Chartered Marathon, Singapore, held on the first Sunday of December.

Taking part in this internationally known marathon guarantees a more interesting view of this beautiful city, as the route passes through some spectacular sites. Although the 2013 race route is yet to be announced, the 2012 race was very successful, and this year’s race organizers are striving to live up to the previous year’s very high standards. Some of the sites you are guaranteed to pass include Sentosa, Esplanade or the beautiful Orchard Road.

The Standard Chartered Marathon has several categories, an event for every member of your family. The events include the Full Marathon, the 42km Ekiden; a relay for teams of six members, the Half Marathon, 10km Run; which also includes the wheelchair race, and the 750m Kids Dash. This marathon is guaranteed to be a fun-filled day that will make your trip to Singapore much more memorable. For those needing more incentive to run in this exciting event, cash prizes of up to 50,000$ are offered to the winners, as well as cash prizes for competitors who get placed 10th and below.

Registrations for the Standard Chartered Marathon close on the 30th of September, 2013. If you are looking for an interesting way to tour the streets of Singapore, make sure to get your entries in as soon as possible. Another way to get involved is by volunteering to help with this fun-filled event, assisting the people who make this event run smoothly and maximizing the fun.

After an exhausting but fun-filled day at the marathon, relax and unwind at a quality 5 star hotel in Singapore that affords access to many of city’s world-class entertainment and dining venues. Consider the Sheraton Towers Singapore as one possible option, as its spacious rooms, luxurious spa and swimming pool and exquisite dining makes it an ideal luxury hotel in Singapore to host your stay.


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