Shinju Matsuri – festival of the pearl

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Shinju Matsuri is perhaps one of the longest running, multi cultural festivals being held for over 40 years in Western Australia. The festival rekindles the early day romantic allure of Broome, a world-renowned producer of South Sea Pearls. The prosperity of these pearls drew Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans to Broome; adding to its multi-cultural spirit and energy which is celebrated to-date with the Shinju Matsuri festival.

Those visiting the festival would find it convenient to seek accommodation at a Broome Hotel that is in close proximity to the festival premises such as the Oaks, Broome.

Shinju Matsuri festival with its colourful spectacle of history, culture, music, taste and fragrances opens up exciting 10 days for the locals as well as visitors. Being a festival that recognizes the many different cultures that have enriched Broome’s community over the years; its key elements that represent the different communities, their unique character as well as Broome’s rich history and natural beauty – magically come together within this parade to showcase the harmony and prosperity of a thriving city.

On the first day of the festival which usually falls in September, ‘Sammy’ the dragon is awakened signifying the official opening. Thus follows ten days of camaraderie and celebration until the culmination of the festival at a grand closing ceremony.

The Chinese Float parade – a colourful display of Chinese culture and tradition, Mardi Gras – a carnival inspired event of fun and frolic, are some of the long standing family favourites of the festival. The festival also comprises a kids comedy gala, traditional dance workshops as well as film festivals and quiz nights that reawaken fond memories of a bygone era.

Adults visiting the festival may also enjoy features such as cabaret performances, magic and circus shows while the art aficionado will take pleasure in indulging in an invigorating show of visual arts by the talented artisans of Broome.
Shinju Matsuri is a cocktail of culture and entertainment that enlivens the city and delivers a memorable experience for all that attends.

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