Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival: An Unparalleled Event in the Fashion World!

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The city of Shanghai in the Republic of China hosts a series of Festivals, fondly known by those associated with it, as the ‘Four Festivals’. These festivals include the Shanghai Art Festival, the Shanghai Tour Festival, the Shanghai Movie and Television Festival as well as the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival.

The latter has been conducted for 18 years and was founded in 1995. This festival is organised with the primary focus of promoting the fashion and textile industry of the Republic of China in order to facilitate the influence of Chinese traditions and styles to contemporary art and textiles as well as promote these finished products as serious contenders in the world market. The Festival is well-known worldwide and attracts buyers and enthusiasts from around the globe. One of the most prominent highlights of the entire Festival is the forum conducted by Donghua University which is believed to reach a stunning one hundred million viewers via the press and the internet.

Other attendees who exhibit at the festival include world renowned brands, designers, textile companies and a number of commercial purchasers hailing from over a dozen overseas countries. A multitude of designers also seize the opportunity to display their latest styles and designs for the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival provides them with the exposure they need to launch their label onto a global platform.

The Fashion show itself is transmitted to a large audience, often live and reaches millions of viewers from all corners of the world. As the Festival attracts a significant number of foreign participants, a quality service apartment Shanghai during this period is scarcely available. Thus it is advisable that bookings of a fitting hotel apartment Shanghai be made as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment. When searching for suitable accommodation in this city, a marvellous recommendation can be made of the Citadines Biyun Shanghai, which is home to180 apart’hotels (as they term it). These dwellings comfortably merge the conveniences of both hotels and apartments. Furnished with impeccable taste, the apart’hotel is equipped with wi-fi zones so as to ensure any designer or purchase visiting the Festival have access to the internet at all times.

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