Glasgow Doors Open Day – Celebrating a Rich Heritage

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The Glasgow Doors Open Day is an annual heritage day celebrated in Scotland during the third weekend in September. It is a unique and popular event as it allows the public to explore the finest buildings, streets, parks and architecture of the city. This amazing event takes place throughout Scotland and it is organized by the Scottish Civic Trust.

The Glasgow Doors Open Day began in 1990 and it has since grown in popularity, welcoming many visitors to the city. Its main aim is to showcase Glasgow’s remarkable history and looks to strengthen the pride and awareness among Glaswegians, while also broadening the public perspective of the rich built heritage. So for those who are interested in discovering the beauty of Scotland, Glasgow Doors Open Day is the ideal event for you. The best part is its all free. This outstanding event promotes Glaswegian architecture and attracts a wide audience to this truly beautiful city.

With so much to discover the Glasgow Doors Open Day includes walks, tours, discussions and various other events organized specially for those who come to celebrate the city’s unique heritage. Stunning trips known as “doon the watter” along the waterfront, guided walks across the gorgeous city and the unveiling of the “Glasgow House” are few of the highlights of this breathtaking event.

A visit to this city full of enchanting buildings and ancient structures, will definitely offer a unique insight into its history. This is the perfect opportunity for architecture lovers to explore Glasgow’s most exciting and interesting buildings and soak up some local culture as well.

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