Chonburi Festival in Thailand – Buffaloes to the fore!

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An annual festival in the Chonburi festival of Thailand, the buffalo races are quite popular amongst not only the locals, but also the foreigners. While visiting, there are plenty of luxury hotel resorts in which you can seek accommodation amongst which Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas stand out from amongst the luxury hotels in the region. According to records, buffalo racing in Chonburi is an event that has been in continuation for 70 years during which King Rama VI has also been an ardent viewer. The event is usually held a day before the full moon day in October and is held in great festivity. The buffalos are colourfully decorated in vibrant cloths and garlands of flowers, a sight which is quite delightful to witness. The trick is to ride the buffalo bareback and guide it down the track using only the reins and the whip. The riders are from the local community and it is a test of balance as well as agility for the riders. Great prices await the winners at the end of each event which serves as a great motivational factor for participation.


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