Bangkok International Fashion Week – Celebrating Thai Fashion in Style!

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Whether you opt to visit the Thai capital of Bangkok in January or June, the likelihood of an exciting event taking place during your stay is quite likely for Bangkok is a city filled with life. While the Thai celebrate their own traditional holidays, they do not shy away from celebrating holidays of foreign cultures. For those visiting Bangkok in January and February, the Bangkok Fringe Festival will provide a wonderful insight into the traditional dance and music of the sub-continent and the Chinese New Year is bound to be an exciting event with firecrackers, lanterns and dragon dances.

Taking a Bangkok cruise tour during such a celebration is likely to be surreal experience as one can observe the skies above and the water below mirroring the array of colours created by fireworks displays. Such tours can be facilitated by local hotels as well as service providers such as Anantara Cruises. While other cultural events such as the Makha Bucha which is a religious holiday, Chakri Day and Songkran take place, fashion shows are also featured activities on the Bangkok calendar. The Elle Fashion week, for instance, has been held in Bangkok since 1999 while the Bangkok International Fashion Week takes place in mid March.

The Bangkok International Fashion Fair will take place from 11-13 March this year at IMPACT in Bangkok alongside the Bangkok International Leather Fair 2015. The Fashion Week is scheduled to present a number of catwalk shows by Thai designers over four days thereby providing an opportunity for new and raw talent to exhibit their designs and gain international exposure.

A number of the designers who are scheduled to launch their new clothing lines have already been successful internationally and their latest styles are looked forward to by the locals. While tickets must be obtained to view the shows, usually, if you are lucky, you may be able to snag a coveted public seat to witness the unfolding of the latest fashion in Thailand.

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