Ramadan Celebration in UAE – A Celebration Like no Other

The UAE is a great destination for tourist who are interested in learning about the Islamic culture and also exploring the great architecture. The UAE as opposed to the other Middle Eastern nations is more relaxed and welcoming towards tourists. One of the greatest periods to be here would be during the Ramadan month. Even though the city takes a much calmer stride, the after fast activities and the festival itself is great to be a part of. An Abu Dhabi luxury hotel would be a great place to start as most hotels have breaking fast meals and they also organise activities and excursions throughout the city. Hotels such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara offer a great Iftar spread which gives guests a chance to savour true Arabian delicacies.

During Ramadan, Muslims should not eat, drink or smoke between sunrise and sunset. It is also believed that this allows people to understand what the underprivileged would go through by putting themselves in their shoes.

Sunset marks the period where Muslims break their fast, known as Iftar. This occurs after the evening prayer.

This is a great moment when friends and families come together to share a meal. Often non-muslims are also invited to these. In the UAE tents are set up on streets and especially near mosques to provide those in need with food.

However, if you are a non-Muslim in the UAE during Ramadan there a few things to keep in mind. Eating, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunset are a punishable offence. Almost all restaurants remain closed for lunch. However one is free to do whatever he or she pleases within their homes.

Eid ul Fitr is a great family celebration which marks the final day of the fasting period. Most companies grant 3 to 4 days holidays.

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Camel Racing in Oman – Speed of the Middle East

One of the first things that come to mind at the mention of the Middle East are the camels. These animals have been a part of the lives of the Arabs for centuries. Today they are even used for many recreational tourist activities. This traditional sport that is famous across the Middle East takes places in different locations at various times of the year. Oman is one of the countries that hosts these races, some of the venues that have specially laid tracks for such events are, As Seeb, Salalah, the Interior and Batinah regions.The camel races are similar to the horse races and one will be surprised at the facilities available at the stadiums that hosts these events. If you wish to witness this age old sport and considering to be close to one of the venues , Oman Hotels provide a range of choices across various locations of the country, they have been favourites of past travellers as they are regarded as top hotels in Oman.

The camels that take part in these races are categorised accordant to their age and compete on the specially built track. The average speed of the camels are about 64 KMPH. Over the years camel racing has become a professional sport in the region with tickets being sold as well as the camels are raised in special farms. There are intensive training programs which incorporate some of the most advanced technologies.However some people look at the sport as unethical and as a cruelty to animals. However the camels have been a vital part of the Arabian civilisation , used for transportation,food and clothing these animals are treated with the highest regard.

There are other countries that host camel races such as , Pakistan , Egypt , Mongolia.



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Ladies Cup International Polo Tournament

Scheduled to take place on the 24th and 25th of January, Ladies Cup International Polo Tournament will attract both local and international players and teams to battle it out to earn the coveted Ladies Cup trophy. Being the only women’s polo tournament in Western Australia, the event’s focus is to encourage women to participate in this sport and also promote polo to gain a wider audience. Spectators of the event get to join in various festivities and competitions. If you plan on attending the vent, it is best to make reservations at a Perth Airport hotel such as Country Comfort Inter City Perth.

Illawarra Folk Festival 2015 – one of the largest festivals organized by volunteers

Originated in 1985, the Illawarra Folk Festival 2015 was held from 15th -18th January 2015. Celebrating its 30th anniversary the festival is considered as one of the largest festivals in Australia organized by volunteers. The festival was performed for four days with approximately 150 performers at Bulli Showground, Princes Highway, Bulli, NSW.

Visitors had the opportunity to witness performances by many international and national artists. The program also featured workshops, dancing, two day folk school, the famous Mediterranean lunch and international craft and cuisine stalls. This event which is suitable for people of all ages attracted over 10, 000 visitors. Travellers planning to attend the event next year could consider seeking accommodation at one of the featured Wollongong hotels such as Chifley Wollongong Hotel, NSW. If you’re among those who missed the chance to attend the event this year, you could plan ahead and attend it next year which will take place bigger and better.

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre – For Ultra-Chic Conveniences

The Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre is well placed within the central CBD of the city. With extensive refurbishments having taken place this centre is set to take over as Queensland’s premier entertainment and convention centre. A marvellous city to explore you can choose to stay at any one of the Gladstone hotels Australia. And offering guests the best in comfort and central location is Oaks Grand Gladstone.

This stylish apartment hotel complex is located right on Goondoon Street in the central CBD while Gladstone Airport is just 10 minutes away making this retreat a favourite choice for business or leisure travellers. Enjoy in-house dining at any one of the restaurants, a popular choice is the infamous ‘Ribs & Rumps’ restaurant chain also located here. Relax at the pool or workout at the gym. Business guests can meet a client for coffee at the café and make use of the full secretarial and business facilities offered at the hotel. Choose to stay in any one of the well-appointed 1 bedroom apartments boasting gorgeous views of the mountains, harbour, ocean or city. Apartments come with living space, kitchenette and modern amenities. Guests at this hotel can easily get to the art gallery, museum, shopping arcade, yacht club and the Gladstone Convention Centre (GECC).

This newly refurbished centre boasts all state of the art equipment and facilities for conducting any king of business or leisure event. The addition of an extra events floor space has increased the seating capacity to 1500 persons allowing the centre to host concerts and other high-end events. As well as have multiple functions.

The brand new kitchen equipment at GECC means customers can now book banquet facilities and expect meals for 700 persons to be delivered in just 15 minutes. Hi-tech media equipment, data displays, fibre optic and wireless internet facilities make the centre ready to host new-age seminars, business conferences and meetings.

Adding a touch of magic the GECC has brought back the silk lined marquee for hosting all your dinners, weddings and trade-show.

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Natural & Organic Products Asia

An annual event dedicated to highlighting healthy lifestyles, Natural & Organic Products Asia took place from August 27 to 29, bringing together the entirety of health, organic and natural products industry. Noted for being the only Asian event of its kind, the inaugural event helps local and international companies reach their potential in becoming the best market for healthy and natural products in the world. Focusing on promoting sustainability, ethical business, good health and fair trade in Asia, the event is the ideal platform for retailers, manufacturers, trading companies, service providers, food industry executives and healthcare professionals to discuss business opportunities and industry trends. Those planning to attend the event next year can make their reservations at a Wan Chai hotel Hong Kong such as Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong.

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Dream Beach Wedding in Sri Lanka; Romance under the sun

If you are looking for the perfect venue and the perfect way to start your life together, Sri Lanka has some of the most romantic places to make your dream a reality. Say “I do” in a paradise island surrounded by the swirling waves of the Indian Ocean and the feeling of the tropical warmth with all your loved ones is the best way to celebrate your precious day. If you are dreaming of a wedding on a beautiful secluded beach, Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa would be a perfect option among many other Sri Lanka Wedding Venues.

Whether you plan an intimate gathering or a large lavish banquet by the beach, every detail of your requirement will be fulfilled. All other related services to your wedding including beach location, accommodation, food & beverages, costumes, designs, photographers and honeymoon tours can be arranged according to your request. The best time to host a beach wedding in Sri Lanka would between October and March, when the weather is cooler. Depending on your choice a unique traditional Buddhist religious poruwa ceremony, a traditional Hindu wedding or even a fusion wedding which portrays a fine blend of ethnicity culture can be planned and prepared. Backdropped by the turquoise blue waters of the Indian ocean and the radiant golden sands of the coast, partying into the early hours, dancing underneath the stars is what a dream beach wedding in Sri Lanka is all about. It is sure to gift you precious memories of your precious day and also offer you the romantic setting for your honeymoon.

A dream is a wish come true in this paradise island. Experience the true flavours of Srilankan traditions and customs on your special day and make it a moment to cherish a lifetime.

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Royal Ploughing Ceremony – For a Bountiful Harvest

Rice constitutes a staple in most South Asian countries and while in nations such as Thailand, rice is only a component of a meal, in countries such as India and Sri Lanka, rice tends to be the primary focus of any meal and all other curries are considered subsidiary or complementary. Given the radical importance placed by most South Asian and South East Asian countries on this type of grain, it is no surprise that a number of traditional ceremonies conducted throughout centuries tend to focus on the ploughing season. Most such nations place a great degree of importance on celebrating the beginning of the season, the reaping of the grain and often, communities pledge the first meal made from rice, to the gods or other deities they may revere.

Conducted in countries such as Cambodia and Thailand, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony traditionally signalled the commencement of the rice growing season. This ceremony was also known as Lehtun Mingala and Mingala Ledaw and was conducted in countries such as Burma until the monarchy was abolished. In 2013, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Thailand was conducted under the patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and in the presence of the Prime Minister, soothsayers, farmers and locals.

The ceremony includes two oxen who plough a furrow in the ground which is followed by the scattering of rice seeds into the ploughed field. As this ritual was taking place, officials from the Royal Court walk alongside the field blowing conch shells and chanting in the belief that the next harvest will be bountiful.

In appreciation of their service, the oxen are given seven bowls containing a variety of items such as water, liquor, grass, maize, soy bean and sesame seeds and depending on what they eat, the official Royal Brahmins can predict whether the harvest is to be bountiful or not.

Thus for tourists staying in Bangkok serviced apartments during the month of May, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony might be a worthwhile event to attend. After all, travelling should include a pleasant insight into the lives of the locals. For those searching for a serviced apartment in Bangkok to reside in during the course of their stay, Ascott Sathorn Bangkok is an ideal option.


Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Fritzjames Stephen. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travelers across all walks of life.


FA Cup Final – The Grandest Stage in English Football

Football is a sport that connects communities and countries and is seen as one of the more engaging sports in the world. From the FIFA World Cup to the UEFA Champions League which sees the cream of football’s giants gather to showcase their skills, football has etched its presence as a global language that continues to draw in hordes of passionate followers. English football for that matter is held in high regard as it never fails to enthral viewers who eagerly await the dawn of every new season.

The FA Cup is rated as the oldest football cup competition in the world and has seen the ‘underdog’ triumph on many an occasion over the more illustrious and rampaging teams. Evidence of this fact was revealed at last year’s final where Wigan Athletic secured a 1-0 win over their much fancied opponents, Manchester City. The event which was first played in the 1871-72 season has now entered its 133rd year and will no doubt aim to emulate the feats of the past where wonder goals were scored, tackles made, penalties saved and a whole lot more.

This year’s final is scheduled to take place on the 17th of May 2014 at the new Wembley Stadium and will be sponsored by Budweiser. Currently the round robin matches are being contested by teams in the Barclays Premier League and all those in the lower tiers of English football. In order to catch the magic of this showpiece event, booking your tickets early would ensure that you do not miss out on the thrills and spills that are sure to surround the Grand Final.

With leading names tipped to take their places in the knockout stages of the competition, fans are in for a right royal treat of dazzling football within the cauldron of Wembley Stadium. So if you are thinking of heading over to England during this period, make sure to lookout for 4 star UK hotels to stay in. Offering pleasing accommodation and great sightseeing opportunities, any property of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels UK would be the best bet. In addition to UK hotel specials, these abodes are known for unsurpassed luxury and memorable getaways.

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Dalian Beer Festival – For the White Tipped Amber that Shimmers in Your Glass

White tipped amber bubbling as with life, glistens in tall glasses filled to the brim, while friends gather together to celebrate the gift of good times. Laughter will resound as more glasses are emptied here at the Dalian Beer Festival, where fond memories are to be created.

The festival will commence with a grand Opening Ceremony at 7.30 pm on the 28th of July at the Huabiao Center Stage of Xinghai Square. The Opening Ceremony will be 30 minutes of great entertainment which will comprise of a stage performance, a fireworks show, a flag rising, festive singing as well as a ceremonial beer cask opening which will set the tone and mood for the good times which will follow. The Dalian Beer Festival is a gala event indeed, to which over 300,000 visitors are expected to participate from all parts of the world.

The festival will include many fun filled activities, ensuring that the entertainment provided is not strictly limited to sparkling liquid in glasses. Many manufacturers of the beverage will be attending the event to exhibit their produce while a drinking contest will add much vigour and enthusiasm to the air.

Participants will also get the opportunity to compete in photography contests, while the beer disco plaza and the beer culture exhibition will please crowds yet some more. You may also choose to showcase your knowledge on this vastly interesting topic at the Beer Quiz, while the impressed crowds cheer on. The Beer Industry Summit will also take place during this impressive festival. It is indeed understood that this event is certainly the most prominent event for the lovers of beer and must not be missed at any cost.

The beautiful city of Dalian will indeed have very much to offer apart from the fascinations of the Beer Festival. The wonders of the city can be explored while staying at a serviced apartment Dalian such as Somerset Harbour Court Dalian, which offers great standards in Dalian accommodation and luxury, and is also centrally located, making it easier for you to attend the event as well as navigate the streets of delights, mesmerised by its many charms.


Nigel Walters is a travel writer, who writes under the pen name, Free Spirit. His content is based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.