A Cheerful Christmas in Bangkok City – Festive Cheer in the City of Angels

Planning to head to Bangkok this Christmas and wondering if the Thai capital will have a festive Christmassy cheer? The answer is a resounding “YES”! Here are some of the activities you can look forward to enjoying.

Catch the Special Christmas Trees & Lights

The city gets a Christmas makeover during the season and you can look forward to seeing a great many Christmas trees, lights and festive décor. Ratchadamri Road home to hotels the likes of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is a great place to see such decorations as are popular malls which include CentralWorld Square, Siam Paragon, MBK and Siam Discovery.

The Christmas Tree, Bell, Decorate A Christmas Tree

Visit the Festive Christmas Markets

During the season, you will also find colourful Christmas markets being set up, each offering lots of shopping opportunities. Highlights in the past include the German Christmas Market and the Great Gatsby Christmas Market, easy to reach if you are staying at a Siam hotel in Bangkok.

Wining and Dining

There is much fun to be had with loved ones in Bangkok during this time; hotels have special Christmas dinners and activities, while areas like Khao San Road and Thonglor feature bars that offer yuletide deals on drinks as well.

Wine, Glass, Alcohol, Glass Of Wine, Drink, Beverage

Reflecting on the True Meaning

Those looking to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas can look to visit one of the churches in Bangkok. The Holy Redeemer Church and the Anglican Christ Church are amongst the churches in the city which offer English services too.


















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The Moon Cake Festival – “Reunion of both people and the moon”

Have you heard of the second grandest festival in China? Mid-Autumn Festival is simply a celebration of autumn fantasies with dazzling lanterns and colourful festivities. Do read on!

Image Credit-misbehaveMoon CakesCC BY 2.0


The Moon Cake Festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival has a rewarding history that runs back to 3000 years. This celebration was derived from the moon worship custom which was celebrated during the Shang Dynasty. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the festival usually falls on the 15th day of the 8th month. From time immemorial, Chinese people used to pay homage to the moon praying for a good harvest.


On the evening of the festival day, usually, the Chinese people have a meal together with all the family members. Also, there’s a special ritual to pay sacrifices to the moon with a strong belief that moon in return will bring them good luck.

Colourful displays

The Chinese dragon dance is an important highlight of the festivities. The Dragon has an indivisible rapport with Chinese culture since it symbolizes power, wisdom and wealth. It is believed that this dragon dance has the power to chase away evil spirits! If you’re planning to visit China during this festival, reserve your stay prior to your visit at a Macau hotel the likes of Hotel Okura Macau, to witness the colourful lantern festival and many other celebrations.

Moon Cake

Moon Cakes are the must eat Mid-Autumn in China and you’ll come across these traditional Chinese pastries in almost all the houses. These cakes are round, symbolizing reunion and happiness.

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Sinhala and Hindu New Year Celebrations in Colombo – Experience Festival in Sri Lanka

Celebrated during the auspicious month of April, the New Year Festival is a very important national holiday for both Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

Who celebrates it

The solor festival is celebrated by both the Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil Hindu Communities.

What it’s About

Unlike western celebration where the New Year is celebrated at midnight on 31st of December, the Sinhala and Tamil New Year is determined by astrological signs and is celebrated when the sun moves from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries.

Traditional Customs and Rituals

The rituals and customs followed by the Sinhala Buddhist community are similar to those observed by the Tamil Hindus. A variety of rituals such lighting the fire in the hearth, preparing the customary dish of Kiribath, (Milk Rice), entering into the first monetary transaction are only some of the customs which are observed. A very important custom followed by both communities is to boil milk in a new clay pot facing an auspicious direction. Prosperity is symbolized when the milk overflows.


Preparing various dishes and feasting with friends and family is very a important part of the Festival. Traditional sweetmeats such Kaung an oil cake of sorts and Kokis are some of the sweet meats prepared. If you happen to be in Colombo during the festival be sure to try them. Most Colombo city hotels including the likes of Colombo Court Hotel & Spa prepare spreads for their guests.

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Tuna tossing festival, Port Lincoln – Smelling something fishy??

Tuna tossing Festival in Port Lincoln is the biggest celebration that is looked forward by the fishermen society of the city as well as spectators from around the world.

tuna fish

Tuna Fish – Photo via Good Free Photos


The start

The main livelihood of people in Port Lincoln is fishing. So the people look forward to celebrating their earnings every year in January by participating in the Tunarama Festival. The history of this festival dates back to 1962.

The festival

This unique festival is celebrated with colorful fireworks, dancing, and music. This is also one of the best food festivals in the world where spectators can visit the local places to eat and even do their retail shopping. This is often featured in many informative blogs such as The Dine and Wine.

World Championship Tuna Tossing Competition


The main component of the festival is the tuna tossing competition where competitors try to toss their fish as far as possible. There is even a different version of the competition created especially for small children using miniature fish, which is known as the Prawn Toss.

Telstra Street Procession

This is the most spectacular part of the festival. Participants dressed in bright and colorful costumes parade along the street with flamboyant vehicles and floats. There is even a competition for the Pageant Personality.

Check out other awesome festivals around the world while you’re here 🙂

Kandy Esala Perahera -A brightly lit religious affair

Phuket Vegetarian Festival – For purification of mind and body

Why ‘Holi’ festival brings so much fun for kids: The wonderful festival of colours.

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Kandy Esala Perahera -A brightly lit religious affair

Kandy is one of the highly visited holiday destinations in Sri Lanka and you can see tourists out and about on most days of the year, but during the perahera season, literally, every Buddhist from all over Sri Lanka and the world come to Kandy, especially to the Dalada Maligawa.


Perahera | Img. Courtesy: [Ashan96Perahera1CC BY-SA 4.0]

When does it happen?

The Esala full moon falls during the first week of July and the Perahera will begin on the last weekend of July and end ten days after. Getting in touch with a few local travel firms, for example, the Connaissance de Ceylan will help you plan your trip in perfection.


The sole motive of this full moon festival is to get the blessings from the deities, for a good harvest in the year ahead. Carrying the tooth relic of Buddha, 10 days of ancient rituals, royally decorated elephants, drummers, and dancers create a breathtaking procession that begins on the streets of Kandy.


The Esala Perahera includes five Peraheras; five processions from Kandy leave to the Dalada Maligawa, Natha, Lord Vishnu and Katharagama respectively. Lord Vishnu, the Hindu god, is considered to be the Guardian of Sri Lanka and the Hindu goddess of chastity, Pathini, gets the fourth and fifth Perahera, for being the goddess who blesses wars and victories.


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Celebrate this Ramadhan in Style with a Trip to Kuala Lumpur -Partake in Breaking Fast Traditions with Sumptuous Buffets

The religious observances associated with Ramadan are followed by all Muslims worldwide as a testament to their faith. Held during the ninth month on the Islamic calendar, this religious practice involves a month of fasting. The purpose behind this observance is to celebrate when the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad. Those who have heard of this religious observance would very well know of its religious significance. The period of Ramadan is usually around twenty-nine to thirty days, but this may vary based on when the crescent moon is sighted by religious officials. Those who wish to celebrate the festival of Ramadan can also do so by making a trip somewhere abroad. If you wish for a convenient and close by destination, you can always opt to visit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where you will be able to find stunning offers during Ramadan.

Resorts and hotels nowadays wish to provide tourists with an experience as opposed to merely a pleasant stay. Therefore, the concept of experiential hotels has really taken off in Malaysia. In line with this concept, certain chain hotels such as Berjaya Hotels and Resorts offer special experiences for Ramadan, in the form of a promising and delicious buffet which hopes to evoke the feel and ambience of a bazaar. At this bazaar, guests will be able to experience Malaysian cuisine in all its glory, but in a far more comfortable setting as opposed to a bazaar out in the streets. One of the highlights of the bazaar is expected to be a Kedah Claypot Fish Head Curry prepared using a recipe passed down for generations. At this Ramadan feast, one can expect several delicious Malay dishes as well as Ayam Goreng Uncle Bakri, Pucuk Manis Ubi Keledek, Lamb Biriyani and Cencaru Bakar.

A visit to Malaysia during this period will also give tourists a wonderful opportunity to witness how the locals observe the religious practices and gain an insight into their culture.


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Maldives Holidays and Festivals – Enjoy new experiences- indulge in relaxation

The Republic of Maldives is known for its natural beauty and if you are planning to visit this mesmerizing island you should also be aware of their holidays which revolve around and are influenced by the Islamic faith. Every religious festival and national occasions are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and a sense of unity emanates from these enthusiastic celebrations.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim calendar and Muslims fast for 30 days during this period and it is considered one of the most important events in this country. Maldives being a predominantly Muslim nation, the government offices in this country open between 9 am and 1.30 pm and private offices close by 3:00 pm. At the end of Ramadan, Eid festival is celebrated; this is the best feast of the year and the best time to explore the cultural splendours of Maldives’ religious faith.

The Kuda Eid Festival in Maldives is one of the famous and richly celebrated annual events in the Republic of Maldives. It is also known as Fithru Eid and marks the end of Ramadan fasting time that runs throughout an entire period of the month among the Muslims. Since Maldives is a Muslim country the Ramadan festival is celebrated grandly across the entire nation. The popular Kuda Eid Festival lasts for three continuous days.

Another one of the most important days in the calendar is the Independence Day. After 77 years as a British protectorate, The Maldives gained independence from the British on July 26, 1965. On this day islands are filled with performances, food and festivals, parades with natives from all walks of life rejoicing together. Kandolhu Island Maldives is one of the popular Maldives luxury resort has to offer during this festive time for visiting guests to stay and be part of this eventful national ceremony.


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Have a fantastic venue for every occasion for all your business meetings

Deciding on a venue for your corporate meeting is a decision that will have the biggest impact on the success of the event. Gone are the days when corporate functions took place in stuffy rooms with drab interiors, these days, planning an event does not mean limiting yourself to boardrooms and offices for your choice of venue. Whether you’re planning an event for your client or hosting an employee seminar, finding a good backdrop is now essential to lifting the atmosphere of the event.

Tropical countries around the Indian Ocean have become famous for their scenic settings and venues, especially those in Mauritius. Resort and business oriented hotels here, like the InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort, draw big events thanks to the stunning island backdrop. A business oriented resort understands the needs of today’s professionals and thus provides impeccable services and spaces to match.

Planning of the venue’s size, décor and lighting is done perfectly by the resort event planners and then carried out discreetly to create an ideal location to host your event. Something else to consider is the diverse options when it comes to catering for the event. Whether it’s a cocktail or sit down menu, resorts can design a special menu according to the event and any dietary needs your attendees may have.

Another advantage is the availability of modern conference technology to ensure everything runs on time and smoothly. Beautiful settings are a great way to inspire motivation at corporate events and modern meeting venues, whether indoor and outdoor, large or small, which are set in great locations, can make a world of differences to events. Most people don’t remember days, but instead, experiences; you want your attendees to not only absorb the work discussed but feel enriched by it.

While quality is a must, staging your event at a unique location makes it more memorable and enjoyable, and locations like Mauritius are becoming more popular with corporates who wants a successful and enjoyable stay.

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Discover the Indo-Mauritian Culture with Fascinating “Divali” Celebrations -Unto a world of lights

“Divali”, or “Deepavali” is an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words, meaning “Row of Light”. As apparent by the name, Divali is celebrated to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. Mauritius, where 63% of the population is Indian, out of which 80% follow Hinduism, this festival of light is celebrated in grandeur, transforming the island into a glittering fairyland at night.

Divali Celebration | News Island Crisis news.islandcrisis.net

Divali Celebration | News Island Crisis news.islandcrisis.net

An Indian festival in origin, Divali is celebrated in honour of Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya, returning home after his fourteen-year exile; the day also celebrated the victory of Rama over the devil king Ravana, as depicted in the epic “Ramayana”. However, the day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s consort, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, purity and light. Divali falls on the night of the New Moon in the month of Kartik i.e. October or November.
For the traveller who will be in Mauritius during this time period, an assault of cultural senses await. Considering the importance and beauty of Divali, all industries, including hospitality, in Mauritius come on board for the celebrations. Some hotels, such as InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort, a beach hotel in Mauritius, have special programs where tourists are taken to explore the area during festival time. Locals are busy fasting to purify the soul in the week preceding Divali, and cleaning their houses to welcome the goddess of light. The day of the festival is a carnival unto itself, with at least seven different types of sweets prepared in every household, which are then put into colourful boxes to be distributed among neighbours, friends, and family – with no discrimination on their beliefs. Divali is known to bring the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population of the island together in creating a fairyland during the festival period.
While all these delicacies are tantalizing your taste buds, a visual spectral awaits as the night falls. Each and every house in the island lights an earthen oil lamp named “diya” outside their door, to repel darkness and invite light. This diyas glimmer with their flames dancing to the salted breeze from every house; multi-coloured lights illuminate trees, buildings, terraces, and houses as well, making it look as if the island is home to a thousand glimmering fireflies.

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Best Time to Visit sepang Malaysia: timing is crucial

Travelling requires that you do the right amount of research on the country, region and of course the weather conditions you are bound to expect. Sepang, Malaysia is a coastal region in the south that has a weather pattern that is not in the least bit unpredictable. The sun will be your faithful companion on your travels in this area with the average temperature being 300 C all year round. However, expect the pitter patter of rain and also be on guard as the rain gods can turn furious from time to time. AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort is as you would have guessed an otherworldly Sepang Hotel which is highly recommended for all those who love the sea. It affords a luxurious space from which to enjoy and observe the weather in Sepang.

Sepang is a diverse land, which is beautifully covered with forests, oceans and croplands. Thus, it goes without saying that there is much to see and explore in the region. However, it is best to keep your raincoats and umbrellas in hand, as rains are to be expected on a daily basis.

The ideal time to revel among the waves would be February, as mid- February is thought to be the hottest time of the year. There would be few weather- related interruptions during this time of the year and making merry on the sands and getting that bronze tan you always wanted would be easy to achieve.

The monsoons pay a biannual visit to Malaysia. The effects of the rains could be varied, in the country as a whole. However in Sepang these times are not the best if you want to spend time by the beach. The North- East monsoon makes its appearance between the months of October and March while the South- West monsoon lashes forth from May to September.

Don’t be disheartened if you get the feeling that rains fall throughout the year, as the sun would nevertheless be faithful to you.

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